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Welcome to the Little Savings

#LittleSavings will help to provide the tips & tricks on the money saving hacks & also for a healthy life style.

We recently introduced Academy & Guest Site Promotions, to give a helping hand for the learners & bloggers. 

Academy, where the knowledge on different subjects will be posted here.
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Bank Saving Tips:

From my personal experience, I noticed, we didn't understand the different bank products and charges levied on us for the services offered by the bank. And from our side, we are paying off service charges to the bank without using it. 

              I have multiple savings accounts and cards with the different banks. I compare the charges being levied on the customers and found the alternatives to save the money from the unnecessary charges.
               I have listed all the different saving hacks/tips to keep our money safe and save few perks.

Choose your banking product & Try these exclusive tips:


*Recommended to Download excel sheet for better view

Minimum Account Balance Calculator for any Bank

Income Tax Calculator - For people need to submit for old and new company

Income Tax Calculator - For the people with the same company in the Financial Year

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