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Will Company's health insurance suffice for you?

Money Saving Banking Tips:

**My Target is to save atleast 10,000 rupees/year by avoiding unnecessary charges. Click here to know the progress**

I am as one of the person like you, who would like to save the money. Since I work in the banking domain, I observed there are ways to save little money by proper use of the banking products.

Let me tell you an example, banks usually charge 60 rupees per year for the SMS alerts. With the advent of recent technology, checking bank balance is on finger tip, which you can avoid. 

I have 2-3 debit cards, where I don't use much. There is an annual charge of 300-500 rupees per card, which you can be avoided by surrendering the card.

I don't say, banks are charging unnecessarily, but one should choose the right products and avail the best bank services. 

Life Style:

The most common problem in the millineals is we are out tracked from the proper living style. 

By the end of age 30, most millineals facing health problems like kidney stones, due to not taking required water, Back pain due to improper seating position, digestion problems due to fast food culture.

And we are imposing the same culture to the next generations. Let us block that chain. The biggest asset you can give to your children is the heahlty life style.

With the Life Style, I am trying to incept a healthy habbits in everybody. I know the pain of IT professionals, and utilize every bit of time productively.


I am a never ending learner. I try new things every day. With that, I have my print on the different categories and sometimes, it inspired few people. 

If you have thirst to learn something, don't wait for the right time. This moment is the right one. Kick start something.

I have started this academy, to share your knowledge and let others learn something from you. This is not limited to any category, from story telling to the travelling... any thing you can post and inspire others.

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