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Little Habits that will change your life

Our life is all about what we do, that is called as habits. If you are a chain smoker, you are against for a healthy life. 

So, learn some better habits that will lead you a successful life.

These little habits don't limit to any particular stream like money, health or work.

Productivity Hacks:

All the below productivity hacks collected from different books and I obey the respective copyrights to them.

Tip 1:

The humans have a urge to check, whether any new mails received and expects to reply the emails as soon as it received.

Unless if you have an SLA to reply the mails within a TAT, the productivity brains set a time for checking the mails.

Keep a check on mails for every 2 hours...

This helps to keep your anxiety low about the emails and also you can stay focussed on your priority tasks.

The bitter true is "An email is someone's priority, not yours". But this may not work in the services companies.

In the coming posts, lets see how to deal with it.


Tip 2:

When being a lead, there will be many clarifications or doubts to the team.

But ask your team to note down the clarifications and set a time to discuss.

The human psychology is want to clarify his doubts asap and urge made him to find the better person.

If you stuck in some work this made your little progress. Lets pile up the doubts and set up a call to discuss.




Tip 3:

If you have a task list in hand before you start work, it is easy to prioritise.

Just after opening my office laptop, I list the today's tasks.

📍Left over from yesterday's pending ones
📍From Office mails

It come up 5-8 items. Post daily call, will add up some more.

Then I prioritise what to be taken first.

Once the task has completed, I put a tick mark against it.

It's like rewarding yourself and helps to energize and boost to take the next task.

So, listing your tasks is so important to organize your time and work.


Tip 4:

A human can work with concentration for only 60min - 90min in a single stretch.

Post that, you will be

Distracted and Unfocused.
Energy levels will be depleted.
Brain becomes Tired.

So, create a blocks of 1 or 2 hours of your working tasks.

From the previous post, you have already listed the tasks and what to be done on priority.

Add a 10 min break between every block.

Don't use this break to scroll the social media posts.

Close the laptop and Leave your desk
Have a sip of water
Have a small walk

So what you would like to do in the break time?


Tip 5:

God didn't code the brain in Java and Brain doesn't like to do multi threading too.

The problem with multi tasking is "the brain takes 15-20 min to settle down with the new task."

That is the reason there should be a break time of 15 min between the tasks.

And the switching between tasks in no span consumes more energy than any other thing by brain.

So for both the productivity and focussed work, ever do multi tasks or switch between the tasks in short span.

It is only a myth that humans can do multi task.


Tip 6:

A music and a headphone become part of our daily life.

But we are using at the wrong place.

Like while traveling in a noisy environment.

Because it requires high volume, in turn causes damage to the ears.

Do you know, if you use a head phone for more than 1 hr, it damages your ear drum.

Let's see how it can be helpful for the work.

A music can help to speed up your work, as it helps to make you focussed.

The playlist should be defined by yourself and undistracted.

I prefer most known songs, as my mind will not attent to the music. You can also try only bass sounds without voice.

And a head phone, will block the external noise and helps to concentrate on your work.

But don't use for more hours.

You can also use the head phone without a music.

At the end, these tips should help to focus on your work.

Which one you prefer to focus on work?


Tip 7:

Creating groups is common in office chat. But what if it is distracting you?

After creating blocks, we should be much focussed towards the work.

But the second distraction is chat notifications from the office group chat.

Since it is never ending notifications for quite sometime.

If the chat notifications is not relavant to the present work/block, you can mute it.

In most of the office chats(Teams, Skype), you can mute the notifications of the groups.

Try this tip, and let me know?


Tip 8:

I remember I used to open 20-25 tabs in a browser and everytime it become burden to identify the working tab and also divert my attention to other tabs.

Now, I have limited to only 2-3 tabs opened in the browser.

And made my personal browser to Chrome and Firefox to the Office.

In this way, I have more focus towards the work and segregating my personal things too.

Additional Note, if you want go through the more info, I will copy the URL in the notepad++ and close it once done.

Hope this will help you to be undistracted in work.

Tip 9:

Do you know the most distracted chat which affects personal life too...

An Office Chat App

Post Covid, there is no separation between personal and office.

And it became 24x7, which made the office chats intercepting personal life too.

One quick solution is "Don't install Office Chat Apps Instead use it on web browsers".

Now even Teams and Skype were available on browsers.

You can just close once your office work get done.

This will help to make a gap between personal life and office work.


Tip 10:

Due to everyone doing work from home, we are not aware about the lunch timings of the other people.

I did personally experience, I will get more calls while at the lunch time.

I believe, food and sleep are the most important for your health.

While doing it, let don't distract you.





Tip 11:

During our school days, I remember having a nap in classes post lunch.

Sometimes, we get caught by the teacher.

Do you know, certain foods make you drowsy... you can called as serotonin foods like Curd Rice, Almonds, Mango etc.,

So avoid taking these foods at lunch time and shift them to the dinner time.





Tip 12:

We are more prone to mobile addictions.

In the future, this will make a huge impact to unlink from different addictions.

If you take little actions now, you can safely unlink from addictions.

Any product has been designed for the specific purpose.

Specifically, mobile is designed for get-in touch with the fellows.

But it has loaded with many kinds from chat, camera to the apps.

The human psychology always find the easy and simple way and all in one kind of stuff.

This is the reason, we are addicting to the mobiles.

Now define what you want to do with your mobile. Once done. That's it. No more touching it again.

And put in closet once you are done.

We have already learnt that using mobile at night affects your sleep too.

Are you still a mobile addictor? DM, we can work together on it.


Tip 13:

When you have a distracting things on your desk, how can you do productive work?

Yes, a mobile, a book, or even a pen triggers cue in your mind and tries to distract you.

Remove all those distracting things on your desk.

A desk should contain only work related things.






Tip 14:

This is similar to setting a time for your inbox, in the same way set a time to reply the emails.

Let's divide your 8 hrs office time into 4 halves.

So, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM.

Open your inbox only in those timings and try to reply them in a single shot.






Tip 15:

Although this is an old technique to filter the emails from the recipients or specific to the project.

It is wise to set the filter for unnecessary mails.

You may use your mail ID for news letter or for the updates.

let's park everything to the folders.

Organize your folders into most important and less important mails.

This will help not to distract over the unimportant mails.



Tip 16:

In this pandemic, the information has been scattered with the different teams or members.

And everyone depends on some information at some point of time.

It may be a new employee who joined and looking for a data or the person who is on leave, which has so much dependency.

Creating a platform where the common information available is needed now.

Did you face this problem and how did you manage it?



Tip 17:

The energy levels will be high in the morning and don't waste on energy draining works.

Post-pone your meetings to the second half, where the energy levels will be low.

Note that the decision making meetings should be happened in the morning.

Will you schedule meetings in the second half from now?





Tip 18:

According to Survey, more people spending time in unnecessary meetings, where they are not required.

If you think if some people in the meeting are not required, we can request to drop off.

Or else, you can request the host "Shall I drop off if not required any inputs from me".

The first one should be taken care by the meeting host and the second one should take care by yourselves.

This time you can use for your productive work.



Tip 19:

Due to remote work, the info has been scattered and left with the people who had discussed.

It is very crucial now as we are working from remote.

Update the info once you had discussed internally in common group chats.

This will help to save most of your time and others too.





Tip 20:

I see the people initially start their office work on the chair and then move to couch by lunch time and finally settle on bed by evening.

We keep on change the working place over a day.

This will cause the lack of concentration on the work.

As per psychology, setting a place for each thing you do is very important.

As it produces a connection, a place with the work.

And also act as a cue when you come back.

That is the reason the offices are designed for productive environment. No distracted things, closed walls etc.,

As we are all working from home, it is time to set a particular place for your work.

Replicating your office environment will help you with undistracted work.


Tip 21:

If your mind is not ready, you cannot move an inch in your work.

Above all, a rest to the mind is needed after a day long working mind.

We have already discussed the better sleep habits[Refer my old posts or you can visit the link provided in comments].

Happy Sleep, Happy Work.





Tip 22:

Everybody tries to clear the list on their bucket, so it is common to reach you by somebody.

If you are already in some work, and try to give a helping hand.

You can ask sometime, so that both are in win-win situation.

Because, if you hold work in mid of something, it takes nearly 15-20 min to transit into the same work.

Are you already using this tip?



Tip 23:

A one day disconnecting everything in your life.

Your Mobile
Your Office
Your Goals

So, that you can rest and reset your brain.

You can feel the difference, after the break.

One day for you.





Tip 24:

Every app on your phone tries to grab your attention.

Suppose you have 20 apps, you will be distracted by 20 times in between your work.

First try to find which notifications are important to you.
Then turn off the remaining unimportant notifications.

I hope you already know how to turn off app notifications, just by long press on app notification from tray and toggle off.

Another trick is limiting no of apps on your mobile.

So, the ball is in your court.

Just type "I did" in comments, once you turn off your app notifications.


Tip 25:

Do you know the news you read in the morning prone to more accidents in a day?

Yes, as per the survey, the news you read in the morning affects your whole day.

Now the news were replaced with the social media posts.

The type of posts you see also affect you.

So avoid reading news or posts in the early morning.




Tip 26:

So, how you to keep up your energy levels up throughout the day?

Here are two tips.

A morning exercise pumps more blood and oxygen to the brain and keeps you active.

Another one is caffeine, take a sip of coffee in the morning and it rushes the hormones to keep you active.

I prefer the first one, as two much caffeine is bad in the long run.

What you prefer? Exercise or Caffeine.