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101 health tips(20th century) - Includes Sleep, Diet, LifeStyle, Indigestion etc., | LittleSavings

We have collected 101 healthy tips for every individual, men and women to improve their health

The tips list mainly focussed on 
Healthy Lifestyle
Better sleep tips
Digestion Tips
Vitamin foods
Healthy Cooking Tips

Hope we covered the best health tips.
Start from today.

Tip 1 : Eat by sat on the floor.

Tip 2 : Three important things in life - What you eat, what you thought, how much you sleep?

Tip 3 : Eat the hot food on the banana leaf 

Tip 4 : Take deep breathes before sleeping. This helps to provoke for a Good Sleep.

Tip 5 : Rub your hands as first thing after you woke up 

Tip 6 : Read books at night instead watching mobile videos 

Tip 7 : Leave your mobile in the next room you sleep.

Tip 8 : Have Jeera water in the early morning for the good digestion.

Tip 9 : Exercise for at least 10 minutes in the morning.

Tip 10 : Don't drink water while eating or after eating. Have a gap of 1 hour 

Tip 11 : Never sleep with hungry

Tip 12 : You need to woke up before sun rise 

Tip 13 : Have 2 glasses of water after you woke up 

Tip 14 : Take atleast 3-4 litres per day.

Tip 15 : Don't touch your phone as the first thing in the morning.

Tip 16 : Don't cover the blanket from head to the toe 

Tip 17 : Never cross your legs while sitting. Especially for girls.

Tip 18 : Don't wear the tight jeans

Tip 19 : Eat sweet after a curd as it subside the acidic nature of curd

Tip 20 : Early Bed, Early Woke up(at the same time)

Tip 21 : Sleep for at least 7-8 hours

Tip 22 : Decrease the brightness of a mobile to 25%

Tip 23 : Drink water in copper vessels. Avoid plastic bottles.

Tip 24 : Don't eat fruits at night. It is hard to digest.

Tip 25 : Eat seasoned fruits

Tip 26 : Don't take curd after eating fish.

Tip 27 : Don't eat your food by watching TV.

Tip 28 : Your bed room should not a TV.

Tip 29 : If you have a running nose, take more water to subside 

Tip 30 : Hold breath & exhale if you have uninterrupted hiccups.

Tip 31 : Always chew the food, never swallow.

Tip 32 : Never post pone the urges of your body. Drink while thirsty, per when needed.

Tip 33 : Pee by sitting and also while drinking.

Tip 34 : Never pressure the sensitive organs while pee

Tip 35 : Don't keep your ear phones/head phones more than 1 hour.

Tip 36 : Never use the towel of others.

Tip 37 : Avoid mosquito coils, instead mosquito nets.

Tip 38 : Don't drink water of more +/- 2° c at room temperature.

Tip 39 : Have a hot shower for the relaxation of body. Sometime cold works too.

Tip 40 : have a hot water bath if you have indigestion problem.

Tip 41 : Add pepper for potato curry.

Tip 42 : Drink Vaanu water in the early morning for digestion.

Tip 43 : For free motion, drink Fenugreek water. Soak Fenugreek powder before night.

Tip 44 : Beetel leaves not only helps digestion but also contain calcium.

Tip 45 : Eat 1 Amla piece per day for vit C.

Tip 46 : Ground Nuts + Jaggery poweder helps for improving RBC count/anemia patients.

Tip 47 : Use green chillies instead dry chilli powder.

Tip 48 : For PCOD, drink Raavi Leaves Kashyama/circles around the raavi tree 

Tip 49 : All time seasoned fruits - Guava, Papaya, Coconut.

Tip 50 : Peel the Almond before eating.

Tip 51 : Drinking hard water have chances of kidney stones.

Tip 52 : Recently toxic elements found in Milk, Oil, Jaggery

Tip 53 : Replace sugar with jaggery

Tip 54 : Schedule a time for sleeping at night.

Tip 55 : Add lemon on meat to increase the proteins absorption.

Tip 56 : Don't take orange juice with sugar.

Tip 57 : Take fruits instead of juices

Tip 58 : Boiled rice(process use in Chennai on raw rice) is hard to digest 

Tip 59 : Carbonated drinks decay th layer on tooth 

Tip 60 : Need to take a walk at least between 2 hrs of long sitting 

Tip 61 : Avoid salt while eating rice with curd .

Tip 62 : Don't eat stomach full. Eat upto 90% or some space to eat further.

Tip 63 : Sweet potato, corn are rich in fibres.

Tip 64 : Ever skip your breakfast.

Tip 65 : Eat like Raja in the morning, have a lunch like a saviour, had a dinner like a poverty soldier.

Tip 66 : Drink water slowly & in small gulps.

Tip 67 : Don't eat the food kept in fridge.

Tip 68 : It is better to have a butter milk than pure curd, while eating 

Tip 69 : It is ok to have a ghee of 2 spoons /day

Tip 70 : Add menthol leaves/Jeera to butter milk for better digestion 

Tip 71 : Don't take caffeine after 2 PM. - M Breus.

Tip 72 : Turn offf all the EMF radiators while sleeping(wifi, mobile)

Tip 73 : Don't eat food made in cooker vessels(Not easy digestion)

Tip 74 : Eat the curd within 24 hours of making it 

Tip 75 : Tamarind, Potato, Cabbage - Avoid for indigestion.

Tip 76 : Use soap nuts instead of shampoos

Tip 77 : Apply oil at least once in a week to the hair.

Tip 78 : Apply curd + Fenugreek(soaked) to head for cooling affect.

Tip 79 : Apply washing soda on the mouth ulcers 

Tip 80 : Don't wear clothes with wet body 

Tip 81 : Bath with hot water for quick digestion 

Tip 82 : Change your truth brush at least once in 6 months or when spikes are flatten.

Tip 83 : Don't always stick to idly and dosa as breakfast(both causes bloating)

Tip 84 : Don't work out in the evening.

Tip 85 : Dont sleep immediately after eating.

Tip 86 : Sleep on the plain floor if you have a back pain.

Tip 87 : Don't lift heavy objects if you have a back pain 

Tip 88 : Don't shuffle between too high to low temp( from ac to sunlight and vice-versa)

Tip 89 : Too much washing the face, attacks skin diseases.

Tip 90 : Take a break, if you feel exhausted or over tired.

Tip 91 : Boiled corainder seeds + sugar, helps urinary infections.

Tip 92 : Daily intake of Rahi boosts calcium and iron 

Tip 93 : Flax seeds contents omega 3 fatty acids.

Tip 94 : Curry leaves equivalent rich in B vitamin(b complex)

Tip 95 : Rice water (boiled) contains B vitamins.

Tip 96 : Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and anti bacterial.

Tip 97 : Batter prepared at night, good for dosa and idly..

Tip 98 : A banana at night is good than in the morning.

Tip 99 : Coconut is anti fungal and anti bacterial ( used for allergies, itchings)

Tip 100 : Soaked lady's finger for full night, helps for restoring gum in leg joints.

Tip 101 : Mutunga leaves(drum stick) are rich in calcium and blocks cancer cells.

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