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Maths Brain

Let's Start with the 'Left Side Brain' Exercise:

Although the maths is so simple, people make fun of Algebra.

I have started maths as a brain exercise in the early morning.

And found how to make simple additions.

Don't expect that I will take a class on maths, but want to post the ideas I found.

It is easy to add the numbers than minus the numbers.

Check yourself.

8+9 = 

Which one you able to find the answer quicly?

Obviously, it could be the addition.

I believe it may be due to we do more additions than minus. So the brain is not trained in it.

First concentrate on hard things:


I did break down this into different ways.

Way 1: Minus the common numbers to make to nearest decimal.

Way 2: Minus from the highest order.
=70-20 +3-6

Way 3: Round off to the nearest decimal

Before goint into that, observe this.

9    10     8
7      8     6
2      2      2

If you observe the pattern, the answer would same, if you add +1 above and below for substraction.

= 46 -29 is same as 47-30

Round off by adding +1 and make subtraction easy.

Way 4: Visualization of the whole number and calculating in mind is another way.


If the alphabets were converted into the numbers, you can play around with it.

MOBILE - 131529125

Same if the mobile numbers are converted into alphabets, you can learn new words.

9499922234 - idiiibbbcd