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From Daily Routines to Daily Habits - Start with Little

The biggest asset you can heritage to your kids is a 'healthy life style'.

As you cannot heritage what you cannot have, in the same way, one should develop a healthy habits to trace down the habits to your kids.

5 life hours to manage your day:

Everyone has only 24 hours of time. Lets break up into this into ideal case.

We spend 9 hours in office work

We spend 8 hours for sleep

The remaining hours left is 7 hours.

Out of which, if we take 2 hours for the mundane tasks, still we left with 5 hours.

I call these 5 hours as LIFE HOURS[May be that is the reason They say panchaprana].

Because these 5 hours will change one's life on how you spend it.

My Suggestion to you to Spend your 5 life hours as follows:

These are basic for everyone.

1 hour for Health & Fitness

2 hours for Career(Learning)

2 hours for Relationships

Let's start with the 1 hour daily routines/habits for Health & Fitness:

Let's start your day by the following stack of habits [as the first thing after you woke up]

  • Rub your hands -  1m
  • A Small Walk - 5m
  • Stretching Exercises - 5m
  • Surya Namaskar - 20m
  • Brush your Teeth - 5m
  • Drink 2 glasses of water - 2m
  • Meditation - 10m
If you count the total minutes, it sums up nearly 1 hour.

Why these has been designed in this way?

Rub your hands: After the long sleep, the body and mind still continues in the same state, by rubbing your hands you can ignite your mind.

A Small Walk : This makes the body to energize for the next step.

Stretching Exercises: This makes the blood flow to all the body parts you stretched.

List of Stretching Exercises:
  1. Rotate the head
  2. Stretch the hands to the front, up and keep it down. Repeat
  3. Bend the arm to the shoulder and rotate
  4. Swing the hands to the left and right
  5. Bend down and touch the left and right feet.
  6. Swirl the waist
  7. Bend the leg elbow to the back
  8. Bend the leg and rotate the feet.

Surya Namaskar:
Surya Namaskar will be an extended version for your body. This should align with the first rays of the sun, but not in the intense heat.

2 Glasses of Water:
From the whole night, the body didn't get any liquids, so, we need to hydrate the body to function the organs properly.

Visit this link to make a good habit on drinking water.

Since the next steps is little bit involves the heat, it requires to hydrate your body.

After 1 hour of the sun rise, where the sun starts it dense rays, a 10 min meditation under sun will help to take a heat breathes and also you body gets sweat, the way of cleansing the toxins within the body.

2 hours for Career/Learning:

With the advent of IT technology, we need to upgrade ourselves.

So, spending 1 hour for your career helps to long live in the field of IT.

Another 1 hour set for your liking.

I like reading books, learning new things.

I hope 2 hours is very minimal in a day. But be a REAL learner.

REAL - "Read Everyday a Little" to become a learner.

You should ask yourself a question, what are your interests?
I did like money, health and people. So, I did research daily to know more about it.

Some Tips for learning:
1. Have a separate books on what subjects interest you. Eg., Health, Sleep, Food, Brain etc., Then allocate 10-15 min daily to research on the subject.
2. Reading Books is a hobby, now you have so many ways to read. Spend 15 min daily on listening audible books.
3. Speak and Educate your kids and friends and tell them what you have learnt.
4. If you are a writer, update your statuses or start a blog on what you read.

Simply Spread the Knowledge.

2 hours for Relationships:

I hope, in your life, there are very few important people in our life.


Do help your parents, if  they are staying with you.

Spend a quality time with your Family. Be a good parent(Parenting Tips).

A call to your friend, once a week. If you have time, visit in-person. A friend is to share.


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