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Connecting your body with Nature

I believe we are made up with the five basic elements - 
Water, Ground, Sky, Fire and Air

And we should always try to intact with these five elements also known as panchabootha's.

First Basic Element - WATER :

It was late midnight, my roomate has been groaning with an abdominal pain. We immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital.

Doctors put him under observation for a night and confirmed there are stones in the kidney.

This was my first experience after joining in an IT industry.

The most ignored health concern in IT Individuals is

"Not Taking required amount of water per day"

After my roomate has been discharged from hospital, we posed different questions and collected precautions to be taken.

The only thing is "One Should Drink ample Amount of Water".

How to start?

So, a water bottle on your office desk is one way to remind all the time[of course most IT people do it]

But we often drink at the wrong time.

You can follow the timings as mentioned.


@7 AM - The whole night, the body doesnt fueled with water. So the first thing in the morning, we should hydrate the body.

@11 AM - The body takes 1.5 - 2 hrs to process the water intake and by 2 hrs it flushes the excess water.

It is recommend to take refil after 2 hrs.

And water before lunch is good than to drink while eating, as it slows the digestion.

@3 PM - By this time, the body consumes the energy and energy levels deplete by some extent. It is best choice to replenish it with water.

@7PM - This is the last sip in a day and one should stop drinking water post 7 PM.

Any water refill to your body post 7 PM would affect your sleep and it try to disturb the sleep by flushing the water.

Make it simple for triggering habits:

Although the cue of drinking water may be triggered many ways.

I tried the following ways.

Water Bottle on Desk : A reminder on the desk is the best way to trigger the habit of drinking water. There are other possible ways to trigger it.

Habit Stacking : I have 20-25 daily routines in a day, from morning walk to the book reading at night.

I have listed the routines in an order, so that you would not miss your routine.

For example, for drinking water, I stacked it immediately after brushing the teeth.

You can create your own habit stacks.

Reminder Apps:

There are many apps in both Android and iOS, I recommend "Water Reminder" App in Android.

There is no harm in using technology.


Above all, the consistency is the king for the habits and trigger points should be simple to execute.

Although till now we have discussed, about the when to take and how to remind about water intake.

There are concerns about the quantity to water to drink.

As recommended, one should take atleast 8 ounces glasses of water i.e, 2 litres (Practically between 2-3 litres based on your weight and other factors etc.,)

So, Target 0.25 litres on every sip or 2 glasses everytime.

Apart from kidney stones, you can also avoid Constipation & Urinary related infection problems if you take proper water intake per day.

How much water to drink depends on many factors. Lets find out how much you need?

The basic rule is "8 glasses of water to drink" per day.

However, the people who workout needs more water to the body.

And the weight of the body is another factor.

So, what happens if sufficient amount of water if not provided to the body.


This inturn causes the less flow of water with blood to the brain and reduces the brain capacity.

The blood becomes so thick and puts pressure on your kidney and your urinate less.

And indirectly it causes the heart to struggle to pumps the blood.

How to find we are not drinking enough water?

Less Urination

Frequent Fatigues

Skin becomes Dry

Please go through the link to find how much water you should drink based on your body weight and daily workout.

You can also lose weight with water.

Second Basic Element - GROUND :

This element links to the sleep. In today's world, the most common health problem is "Sleep Deprivation".


As per the recent studies, when compared to our previous generations, we(millineals) are sleeping less than 2-3 hours than normal(avg of 5-6 hours only).

There may be numerous reasons.

👉Late night work hours
👉Too much work into the brain
👉No proper sleep schedule.

Finally, not knowing the importance of sleep.

My only goal is to know the importance about it and sharing some tips.


What is Sleep?

Sleep is having total of 4 stages.
Awake Sleep
Light Sleep
Deep Sleep
REM Sleep

This is one set of cycle and lasts for almost 1.5 hours(90 min).

For an average adult, there will be 4-5 cycles[This is minimum].

So, if you want a Good Sleep, one should sleep more than 6 - 7.5 hours[Min]

For the first 1-3 cycles, the brain stays more in deep sleep and from 4-5 cycles, brain lasts more in REM.

But the better results will come when an individual lasts more in Deep Sleep & REM.
This is where the brain starts real work.

Deep Sleep:
Body Promotes Muscle Repair.
Growth Hormone is released
Tissue Growth and Cell Repair occurs
Brain flushes waste

Dreams occur and problem solving.


What will affect your sleep?

Do you know, the sleep will induce based on the light exposure on the Retina of eye.

In day, the light will activate the brain cells and reduces melatonin hormone secretion and will awake all the neuron cells.

In the same way, the light receives in low during night, and hence the melatonin hormone will be produced more and inturn our whole body get ready to sleep.

This is called Circadian Rhythm.

But we(millineals), makes an alibi of sun(light exposure) by 

* Using mobiles at night
* Too much of bright lights in home(during nights)
* Late night works etc.,

For a better sleep, avoid these.


What is the ideal time for sleep?

I remember, while I was a kid, we(whole family) slept by 9 PM. But in today's time, we are sleeping in between 10 PM-12AM.

The things have changed now and type of job, we do, also has changed.

If you can sleep by 9PM, it is good, but if not, let's align to the present situation.

Start your sleeping by 10 PM atleast. This will give ample time to the body to the day light exposure.

Suppose, if we start sleep from 12PM, any disturbance or awakeness after 6 AM, will spoil your sleep and will have only 6 hours before the day light, which causes to unable to meet 8 hours sleep[day light will inhibit to sleep back as by the time day light detects by retina, the melatonin hormone stops producing]

Made a Mandate yourself that will sleep by 10 PM.


How to get ready for sleep?

Follow these tips for a sleep induction

Dim your lights by 9 PM:
Sleep is not instant one. When you close eyes, you will get sleep.
It is a four stage process.

Make your environment ready, atleast 1 hour before your bed time.

Avoid to expose the mobile screens:
Mobile is an horrible addiction to the human kind. We feel happy by swiping up the posts.

But we are blocking the secretion of Melatonin hormone by the body, by exposing your eyes to the mobile.

Techincally, the blue light emits tampers the eye as a day light and sleep hormone will not be produced.

Don’t take heavy amount of water before sleep:
Any disturbance in the mid of the sleep, body need to start the 4 stages of cycle again.

A heavy water intake, will disturb the sleep and there will be an urge in the mid night to flush out the extra water by the body.


I found myself in the sleep defaulter list for every week of last month.

There could be many reasons...

No barrier between Family or work life post covid, proper place for sleep, with little kids..... etc.,

But, during the first half of the month, I missed 67% of the days, but in the next half, it is 33% only.

So, I improved a lot in sleeping.

But why we need to sleep?
After following a few TED talks of Matt Walker, who is a sleep scientist, the whole perception towards sleep has changed[You can find the answer in his talks].

WFH made us to put into many complications. Many have been stressed out.

Did you face these problems recently?
* Too many dreams about office work
* Frequent headaches
* Dry eyes/black circles/drowsiness

So, it is the time to know more about the importance of sleep and take care of your health.

I am trying to come out of this, And so, I want others to come out of this & make them sleep better.

What are the foods that helps in good sleep?

Do you know if you eat certain foods will help you get sleep.

One example of it, in those olden days, people used to drink milk at nights.

Actually, diary products at night will help to secreate the sleep hormone.

Almonds is one of the best sleep hormone producing food.

White rice: High rich carbos help to induce the good sleep.

A light food at night will help to put less strain on gut.

Banana: This is another best food and readily available for everyone.

What are the foods to avoid at night for a better sleep?

Caffine : The most common mistake most people do, taking a caffeine at the evening.

The effect of caffeine will lasts more than 6 hours.

For a good sleep, you should stop your caffine intake by 3 PM.

Alcohol: There is a myth that alcohol will help to get a good sleep, but this is the most dangerous sleep disturber.

During the deep sleep, the brain waves will be long and very slow.

But with an alcohol body, the brain waves will be short and very fast, which disturbs the sleep at frequent intervals.

High Fat Foods: We enjoy taking the Biryani at night, but both the body and brain struggles alot to digest the fat food and disturbs the sleep.

Chocoloate/Ice Cream: It may be a good cimeatic shot in movies, eating ice-cream or chocolates at night, but both these will disturbs the sleep.

The chocolate will activates the brain cells and good to eat in the morning only.

Why do we need to sleep?

And So, why we need to struggle for a good sleep?

There were major studies in the countries like US/UK on the Alzheimier's disease[Memory problem].

The memory problem relates to both sleep and age.

As age increases, it is common to have a less sleep.

But with the less sleep in mid ages, leads to brain malfunctions and memory problems.

Only during sleep, the brain do
Memory cosolidation,
Repairs the brain cells,
Increase the memory,
Improves productivity & problem solving,
Improves immune system etc.,

It is not about only quantity of 8 hours sleep but about also quality of sleep.

So, it is important to log 8 hours of sleep daily as important you log your office work hours.

Balance your 8 hours sleep and 8 hours of work.

Which direction is best to sleep?

Most people would have hear the story of Vinayaka.

When the Lord Shiva sent his troops, to find anybody who sleeps in the direction of North.

But the troops didn’t find anyone. In the return way, they found one elephant lying in the North.

So, they bought the Elephant head and fixed to Vinayagar.

The take away from here is why Lord Shiva asked troops to bring the head who is sleeping in the direction of North?
Actually, the one who sleeps in the direction of North is Nearly Dead One.

So, why a person should not slept in the direction of North?

Two Main Reasons,
The conflict of earth's Magnetic Field with body's Magnetic field.
The Accumuation of Iron into the head.

Even the human body will have a Magnetic North Pole on the head side and South pole towards the toes.

When a person lies in the same direction to earth's magnetic poles, the conflict occurs[Same poles repel each other].

And it affects the neuro cells in the brain.

The other reason, the earth's north pole attracts the iron content present in the human body and drives towards the direction of head and accumulates there.

So, the person who sleeps in the north direction leads to the health problems and sick.

So, which direction we should sleep?
It should be opposite to the earth's magnetic field. That is head to the South.

Even in vaasthu shasthra, the cot's head should be placed towards South and so, the person also lies towards South.

Which side is best to sleep?

As important on which direction to sleep, it is also important to sleep on which side to sleep.

Out of 4 possible side ways to sleep,

If you have digestion problem, don’t sleep on your back. It causes heart burn.

For pregnant women, it is recommended to sleep on the left side as it pumps more blood to the new born.

The bad side to sleep is on the stomach as it prones to put pressure on the back and causes lower back pain in the future.

The best way to sleep is always on the left and right side and the most recommended is on the left side.

Sleeping on the left side

Enhances digestion
Reduces heart burn
Improves brain;s health
Reduces snoring

So, which side you sleep from now?

One Simple Technique for a Good Sleep:

One easy and final tip for the good sleep.

Taking deep breathes before sleeping.

I tried some couple of times and observe there is a difference.

Later I tried to found the reason behind the deep breathes and gone through the different breath exercises like pranayam.

But the pranayam is quite better in the monring than in Night.

To quick start, start with this simple breath exercise.

1. Start Inhale more air.
2. Hold for a minute
3. Exhale completely and soundly.

A count of 5 is quite good enough.

If you really wanna try other techniques.
* 4 -7 - 8 breathing technique
* Box Breathing

Refer link in comments for the detailed breathing exercise.

Shall we compensate the sleep lost at night by afternoon naps?

The essence of sleep will comes when we go till the REM stage in the four stages of the sleep.

This is where your brain clears the waste.

The evening naps of 1 hr or 2 hrs doesn’t go till the REM stage.

It is only to boost your energy when tired, unless there is no point in evening naps.

So, it is mandatory to take 8 hrs of sleep per night.

Do you know, if you lost one hour sleep in night, it takes 4 days to compensate with it.

So, why we need to stress on sleep?

You know the stress, pressure behind the jobs we are doing now?
It is in your hands, how to want to lead the next 30 years of life.

Sleep well.

Imagine you are dreaming about a big fight? Why does you don’t act according to the scene during sleep.

As you know there are 4 stages in sleep.

The dreams occur only in the 4th stage called REM sleep.

In this stage,
Your respiration increases
Heart rate increases
Temp regulation is off
Body becomes immobile to stop you act according to dreams.

So, this is the reason, you cannot act on the dreams.

Only less probability of moving in the dreams unless you falling from the hill or from 100th floor[Vivid Dreams].

And you can only feel jerk and later you come out of the REM cycle and next cycle starts.

There is a say, that the dreams in the early morning are having more probability to happen? Why?

The reason is that the vivid dreams only happen in the REM Cycle.

And the REM Cycle goes deep and lasts for more time in the set of 4th and 5th cycle.

Suppose if a person sleeps at 11 PM, the 4th set of cycle starts at around, 3.30 AM - 5.00 AM and 5th set of cycle starts at 5.00 to 6.30 AM.

The dreams happen mostly at this time and it is Strong.

And also in the REM cycle, the brain also do another activity called problem solving.

So, when you sleep with a problem, the solutions may found in your dreams.

So, Sleep well to find a solution of your problems.

I remember one saying from Matt Walker, "Sleep on Problems"

Does women dream more than men? And what they dream about?

Actually, the women are poor sleepers and active dreamers, where the men are good sleepers and less dreamers.

So, the women more than men.

The women dream more about family members, Social Interactions etc.,

In general, there is a basic continuity between what we do and experience about the waking world & what we dream about at night.

Since, women are bound to the family matters and they continue to dream more about the family in dreams.

May be this is the reason, they will remember each and every word we spoke exactly even 30 years before[Just kidding].

And women also have dreams about different FEARS, as you know the how much the women is susceptible to the domestic abuse, mental illness in this world.

Respect Women.

Dedicated to all women. Let them sleep with safe dreams.

Affect of sleep due to seasons?

As sleep mostly depends on the day light exposure.

The light exposure changed with seasons.

In Summer, the day light comes early since we have day time more than night.

So, in summer, we bed early, rise early.

And we have less sleep(Insomnia).

while in Winter, we oversleep since the night is more than day.

Oversleep is the reason, people gains weight in Winter and loss weight during Summer due to sleep.

But the fact is light exposure affects our sleep. Align yourself with the nature.

The Sleeping Problems of Blind People:

The blind people cannot sleep effectively, since the melatonin, sleep hormone will release based on the light exposure on the retina of eye.

The ability to sleep at night and woke up by day controlled by Circadian Rhythm.

The difficulties of sleeping at day and awake at night is readily observed in sighted people, jet lag[rapid transmeridian travel] and night shift workers.

Due to continous change of night to morning shifts, in the long run leads to risks like

Insulin Resistance
Cardovascualr Diseases.

Gastro Intestinal discomfort is also common in the Jet Lag travellers.

Sometimes, I wonder, what is the take away, if you cannot eat what you like and cannot sleep better, when you can.

What is the difference sleep pattern between millineals and our previous generations?

They mostly align with the nature day light.

But we are quietly opposite to that.

They complete the dinner by sun set, complete the house chores and sleep by 7 PM.

But we start sleep by 11 PM on an average.

They woke by 4 AM(before sun rise) and complete their break fast by 6-7AM[They have plenty of time].

But we have no time to eat properly and almost skip the breakfast and proudly termed as BRUNCH.

So, what could we do to align with Nature.

Start this.....
Start Sleep at least 10PM.
Woke up by 6 AM.

Replace this....
Avoid Mobiles at Night. Replace with Books.
Dim your lights by 9 PM.

Follow this...
8 hrs of sleep