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4-5-6 formula

With the abundance of information everywhere, we often get confused now, how to manage your passions.

Here are simple steps to master your habits, manage your time and resonate life with different priorities.

Here are my 

  • 4 steps to master your habits
  • 5 life hours to manage your time
  • 6 investments of your life

Lets go one by one.....

4 steps to master your habits


You are blessed with a superb mind like anyone. Believe it.

I read it from books, the mind will give all the possible solutions to any problem. The only thing is you need to allow it.

I tried myself and it is amazing. My mind started giving solutions.

Wait... So, that's it?


Did you remember all those ideas given by mind and found which one it will work.

The mind will be active in the early morning hours. It pumps the ideas to the mind.

List down all of them you remember after you wake up.

Don't worry, if you miss one or two.

I will tell my personal experience. I want to publicize my LittleSavings website.

I thought to learn Digital Marketing but that really confused me.

I allowed my mind to give the solutions how to achieve my Big Goal and started thinking about it.

Everyday I have collected 4-5 ideas. now I have 200 ideas in the list.

That is the power of your mind.

So, here we go.

Allow your mind to find the solutions to your problems.

List all of them.

Lets see what need to do after you have the LITTLE IDEAS list.


Rome cannot be build in one day. 

  • We need to collect the bricks.
  • Prepare the mortar. 
  • Apply it and Rome need to be built.

In the same way, Publicizing a website is not a one day work. It requires a tremendous effort.

You need to prepare the content, post it online and a social castle to be built.

So what did you understand here?

My Big Goal need to turn them into little goals, I mention it as little missions.

Collecting bricks or writing a content is Little Mission 1

Prepare the mortar or post content online is the Little Mission 2

So, our mind has already provided the ideas to achieve(little missions). And we listed it.

Now it is your turn.

Pick the first. Make it as a little mission.

Focus only on the one mission at a time.

Step 3 : GOAL Everyday

The full form of GOAL is "Go OneStep a Little" everyday.

Even though we have break down the big goals into little missions.

We need consistency to achieve those little missions.

Plan a time in a day towards achieving your little missions.

The big goals may take 4-5 years, the little missions will take 2-3 months.

To achieve those little missions you need to prepare yourself everyday.

I want to put my linkedin experiences here.

I thought to write gratitude stories for atleast 50 of my colleagues. That is my little mission,

I started picking each person on daily basis and keep posting about them.

Amazing... I did it. 

The only thumb rule I followed is GOAL everyday.

That makes you consistent.


I keep posting content on linked in for almost a month. But it didn't reach my expectation.

I tracked all my 30 posts. 

Found which one is working and which one not?

How good I did write?

What has to be improved?

I asked the fellow persons, and changed my writing style for the more reach.


That has been working really fantastic. I can make more impressions now.

So, apart from the consistency, you need to work on improvements too.

Sometimes, your hard work may be neglected. So change the direction.

Show them you are worthy. Definitely you are worthy.

Go ahead, Success is behind you.

Recap Again:

Little Ideas - Collect and Organize your ideas

Little Missions - Break into little missions.

GOAL Everyday - Focus yourself on one GOAL everyday

Little Changes - Check and change the direction if needed.

Now we have little missions in place per day, but most people raised a question, 

I don't have time to take up my missions.

Here is the answer,

5 life hours to manage your time:

Everyone has only 24 hours of time. Lets break up into this into ideal case.

We spend 9 hours in office work

We spend 8 hours for sleep

The remaining hours left is 7 hours.

Out of which, if we take 2 hours for the mundane tasks, still we left with 5 hours.

I call these 5 hours as LIFE HOURS[Pancha Pranalu in Telugu].

Because these 5 hours will change one's life on how you spend it.

My Suggestion to you to Spend your 5 life hours as follows:

These are basic for everyone.

1 hour for Health & Fitness

2 hours for Career(Learning)

2 hours for Relationships

Read how to effectively spend these 5 life hours. Click here.

6 investments of your life:

The above said 5 life hours are the basic, that is the reason most people will succeed in one or two areas of their life. 

For Example, few people earn huge money at the cost of health.

Others, they are high in career ladder, but with less salary.

It is good to start with the life hours, but in the long run, we need to invest into 6 important areas of your life.

Here are the 6 areas you should invest in your life







How to manage these 6 areas are leaving to you, since you have already the formula in your hand.

But I suggest if you are clear on your goals across each area, it is easy to master your life.