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Skin Care Products for Women

Little Savings - For Women

When I thought to write about something for the women, an idea strike my mind that I need to take some inputs from my wife.

She takes more care for her skin and try the different products(only natural) within the budget.

She prepared some soaps, shampoos, oils at home.

So, I sat with her and asked, what are the best items in each cateogory till now she used.



Sinora is a Pharma company, which also produces bathing soaps.

It is best that it uses very very less chemicals in the soaps compared to the others and also less preservatives.

Buy Natural products from the Sinora.


- Goat Milk & Oat Meal Soap

It is best for the skin sensitivity, it opens the pores on the skin.

And best suit for the Kids since they have very sensitive skin.

Natural Shampoos:

WoW Shampo - Coconut Milk

There is No roughness in this shampoo like other ones.

Since it has Coconut milk, you get the natural hair conditioner with this shampoo.

Good Vibes -Banana & Ginger:

Note: Banana with Ginger is not available online now. If you want to try this oil, you can click on image.

It has Magnesium content and will be less hair fall after using it.

You can observe the Bouncing hair.


Bhringraj & Shikakai(Valiya Bhringamulakadai Thailam)

This oil mostly used in Kerala for releiving the head aches. 

You can feel the cooling effect after hair wash.


Nila Bruhanga Thailam(coconut oil)

If you want for Good Hair Growth, this is the best one.


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