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Registration cost for home

 How to calculate your registration fees for the home?

Lets divide the total registration charges into two.

For Registration


For Registration:

Suppose if you are buying a home with 1000 sq.ft, and the fair value of the per sq.ft in that is 1500.

which is 1000 X 1500 = 1,50,000

For car parking, it will be around = 50,000

Total amount = 1,55,000

Stamp duty will vary between the different states, which will be around 5-6%

Stamp duty = 6% of 1,55,000

                   = 93,000

Other charges = 8000

Total cost for Registration = 1,01,000


GST has to paid on the total value that we paid to the builder,

if the price has quoted at around 35L(in white), we need to pay 5% of it.

i.e., 5% X 35,00,000 = 1,75,000

So, the total amount you should keep in your hand for the registration is 2.76L