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Life Style Changes

There was a huge difference in the mind set of me and my dad.

I hope, we millineals become so lazy. 

From the observations of my day, I am scribbling the following way of living.

Check before use:

After the bath, my dad will use the towel only after checking it.

The same rule applies while wearing the slippers too.

I remember he used to say to me and my brother, check the socks before wearing it.

Replace with new if something broken:

I will wait for the days to fix something broken in the house.
Eg., It took a week to replace a bulb in my home, but it took only hours to fix that.

Immediately after it got damaged, made a list to buy and bought and fixed by evening.

Have an eagle eye:

Someone from the outside has put an eyes on the house, immediately my dad goes out and warns him.

What you need and why you are roaming here?

I didn't ask when some outsiders sit on our terrace, I didn't even say a word.

Share the news:

If something he knows, he will share the same to the nearby people.

There was a case around my house, he warned the remaining people of that house, as they conceal that they are Covid positive.

Solving people problems:

I see most of the people, come to my dad or called to him, for sharing their problems and anticipate about the suggestions.

We(millineals) even don't share the problems and will chat in whatsapp about the problem or share in the status.


When he do any work, there is an acknowledgment for everything.

For Eg., if he is paying a rent, he called and confirm that whether the amount has received.
But, I never called my owner, post sending in Rent. It may not so important to acknowledge, but once my transaction has reversed, and the rent didnt receive by owner, which checked and called after few days, that makes an impression that, he need to call back for rent.

The human network:

He has built a castle around him. 
When he need any information/help, the people are readily available.

When my cousin had a fever, he immediately used his influence and found the which hospital is open and which is best.

Where we are checking the reviews on Google.

Clear things on the go:

He looks for the scattered things at place, and immediately sets in the same place.

If you come after 10 years, it will reside in the same place.

It is a good habit for a good home. It will come handy when you have the kids.

Completely the mind set of millineals is not in tally with our father's generation.


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