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how to save money

There are more trending tips on how to save money in your daily life. Even though there are numerous sites has already stated about the tips, the list is never exhausting.

I understand from my life, we can save something in everything we do. 

Here are list of money saving tips from my personal experience.


Go to shopping with out kids. It saves time and also you can concentrately buy the things.

Buy Kids Dress size current age + 2

Take the money instead of cards.


Don't expose to the Adversitising, make you urge to buy.

Set a time for a TV so that you can watch and turn off the TV.


Make your own gifts

Sell unwanted items


Never drink coffee/tea at outside. 

Bring your own lunch to Office

Plan the vegetables list to buy a week ahead.

Don't buy Sweets in the super markets.


Keep the change in the coin box after you reach to home.