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Answers for Indian Superstition beliefs

We, the Indians have so many superstition beliefs around us.

We have completed decades by leaving behind some beliefs.

But there are still, some beliefs we follow. Let's try to look some of them and find the scientific reason behind it.

We will stop going out if someone sneezes?

In those days, if some one sneezes, there is a sign that the climate change and may people get sick, since they can't travel back soon.

That is the reason they postpone travel if some one sneezes.

Don't take the salt in hands

In those days, all were dependent on the milk.
So, with the hands of salt, it will spoil the milk.

There is also another reason, with few materials, there is a tendency to give negative affects, salt, seaseme seeds are of that kind, hence, it will not take in hands.

Wash your hands after touching oil

If you hold any vessel or utensil with the oil hands, it will slip away. That is the reason, it is suggested to wash the hands when we touch the oil.

Why we should not cut the Amla in Sunday
I heard that few things will posses ans store the positive energy.
Amla is a big storage for sun's energy.
Sunday is prime day for Sun.
That is the reason, it is not advised to cut Amla on Sunday. We are destrying the sun energy.

Why we should not take knife by hand?

Obviously, the hand will hurt by mistake if you take the knife in hands.
In modern days, we don't have those kind of sharp knives now, only wives got sharp these days.

Why we should not cross others legs?

It is a human tendency that we close the eyes when something hits our eye. In the same way, if some one is trying to cross the legs when you lie down, we take our legs off, and may become a hurdle for them and there are more chances that others may fell down.
This is the reason, we kept a rule ourself that we should not cross the others legs.

Why we should not cut nails and hair on Tuesday?

There is no exact reason but usually barbers will take a week off on Tuesday's. And not in those days, we don't have scissors or nail cutters too, to do it ourself.
Since there is no one available on Tuesday to take off your nails or cut hair, that may become a norm.

Why we should not give money to others on Friday?

Not sure about the exact reason. But, Friday is a weekend, and the next two days, we may have a urge to buy something.
If you lend for someone on Friday, you cannot buy anything on weekends.
May be that is the reason, we limit ourself to lend/pay off money to someone on Friday.