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All About of Testing

I have completed 10 years in testing.

I got a job in testing by chance but not by a choice. But I respect my job than any other.

I can proudly say, I learn something through out my testing career.

I am here to provide some tips and advices on testing.

How to write test cases as simple as it is?

Since I work on a mobile apps, in general, there 3-5 screens to complete any transaction flow.

So, I prepared this 5 thumb rule for writing test cases for each screen.
Entry point
UI of rendered screen
Validation of each fields
Negative Navigation flows like back, cancel
Business rules

This helps to cover the high level of test cases writing and one can easily develop low level of test cases from it.

Eg. For validations, you can cover all the null, zero, min and Max value depends on the field type.
Eg for selection, null/blank validation
For amount, it covers all of the above.

How to cover testing on multiple devices?

Since the mobile market is vast for both Android and iPhone, covering all set of mobiles is not possible.

I can give two approaches
Covering whole set of test cases in one device and a sanity on couple of devices.
Covering portion of test cases in multiple devices, like 1-10 test cases in one mobile and next set in another mobile and so on.

How to calculate test cases execution time?
On an average, a junior resource can execute 5-6 test cases in an hour(depends on complexity)

So, in a day, one can execute 40 test cases. 

This is not standard, but based on my experience, one can execute 40-50 test cases in a day.

How to excel in testing career?

I believe, every tester should gain a domain knowledge.

This will help to write test cases, while execution and you can think like an end user.

There are so many repetitive tasks in any job.

I tried to automate those things.

Eg., I have created a template writing 40 test cases in 4 min.

Some tips for a tester:

Follow my LinkedIn Profile for few.

How many types of testing careers?

There is no software without a tested ok. Even if it hit the stores, it will be at stake due to personal user experience.

There are wide wings for a testing career, but this top 3 careers rule over the world.

Performance(jmeter, load runner)
Penentration(burp suite)

I didn't mention here the manual testing because it is a base for everything.

You cannot reach 10th floor, if you don't build ground floor.


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