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Advice on Parenting tips

Little Savings - Parenting
Raising a child is not an easy task now. I have two daughters. One is very honest and other one is naughty.

It has been 3 years observing and understanding myself(after they came to my life), what are the mistakes I do as a parent and often imitating by them.

Let's see the different mile stones of a child till 1 year.

By 2 months:
  • Begins smile at people
  • Tries to look at parent
  • Make little sounds
  • Turns heads toward sounds
  • Begins to follow things with head
  • Hold up head
  • Small movements with arms and legs

By 4 months:
  • Smile spontaneously
  • Copies some movements & facial expressions
  • Begins to babble
  • holds head steadily
  • Roll over from tummy to back
  • Can hold a toy and shake it.
  • Bring hands to mouth

By 6 months:
  • Knows between familiar faces and strangers
  • Responds to sound by making sounds
  • Responds to own name
  • Can pass things between hands
  • Begins to sit up without support

By 9 months:
  • Afraid of strangers
  • Makes a lot of different sounds
  • Uses fingers to point at things
  • Looks for things she sees you hide
  • Plays a peek a boo
  • Picks up things with thumb and index fingers
  • Can get into sitting position

1 year:
  • Cries when mom/dad leaves
  • Shows fear in some situations
  • Responds to simple requests
  • Makes simple gestures
  • Says mama, dada
  • Repeat the words you say
  • Points correct things when named
  • Copies gestures
  • Can drink water from cup
  • Put things in a container
  • Walks holding on a furniture
  • May stand alone
Source : CDC 

Little Savings - Parenting
To track the mile stones, please download CDC child development tracker app.

If the child misses any deadlines, don't worry, all  children will not meet all the dead lines at the same time.

Few will take time. Wait with patience.

Here are the parenting tips I follow:


The first and foremost, when you use the mobile 24×7, don't expect others not use it. This rule applies for the kids too.

I make an aversion myself over mobile phone and keep my mind under control not to tap my mobile unnecessarily.

Life Style:

Early bed, Early wake up
Whatever may be the reason, follow the rule of sleeping by 10:30 PM at night and waking up the next day by 6 AM.

Physical Activity:

After I woke up, the first thing, I do is go to the nearby park and do a small walk and warm up exercises.

I take my kids with me, and ask them to walk along with me and do exercises.

No TV:

We don't have any telivision at home.
For now, I don't have any problem with blue light exposure to the kids.


I do often found with the books before kids instead of mobile.

Kids will imitate me by holding a book and sat along with me.

Bed time Stories:

Still, I will tell the bed stories to them from the mythology, Tenali raman stories before sleep.

Visual Learning:

I showed all the fruits, vegatables, animals images and ask them to repeat.

A story books helped to identify the things I make them to learn.


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa

There is a video for kids for these swaras. Although, I don't encourage much on YouTube videos, there are very few I recommend.

Sometimes, she hum these swaras.


I created a Dibbi with the plastic box and ask her to put all my money(coins) into the box.

Little Savings - Parenting

We have so many doubts about feeding a child, let's see some of it.

Introducing Cow/Buffalo Milk:

When should we start giving milk to the kids?
Once the kids crosses 1st year, you can start giving milk.

Brushing & Tooth paste:

How much tooth paste I should use for kids?
Usually it should be a peanut size and shouldn't be tasty, as they swallow them.


What should we feed for a 6 months baby?
Each fruit/vegetable can be introduced with a min of 2-4 weeks gap.

Try with one, and observe whether body accepts the particular food.

Don't try with mixed recipes

List of Foods:
Potato/Carrots - double boiled 
Rice flour with little orid dal

After 1 year, we started to normal diet, like what we eat, we feed the same.

Games for kids:

Little Savings - Parenting
Kids develop different skill at different stages.

Here are the list of games I introduced them.

It is not always needed to entertain with toys, there are so many items available at home to unearth their skill and keep engage them.

Game 1: Fitting Caps to the bottles.

I have taken different bottles, vessels with lids.

And ask them to match the correct lid with the bottle or vessel and tight them.

Game 2: Color Rubber bands

I have bunch of color rubber bands and pour infront of them.

Ask them to separate based on color.

Game 3: Enact

When saying about a word moon, I said the moon laughs like this.

The stars blinks like this.

The elephant roars like this.

Now, she will enact and show, if we ask "how moon laughs"?

Game 4: Repeat the vendor shouts at outside.

I asked her to listen what the outside shouts and ask her, what he is selling?(This is after she learns speaking)

Game 5: Bang the doors

My wife told her how to bang the doors.

This helpful when she needs help during locked in the room, instead of shouting.

Game 6: Complete the Mandala's

I draw the Mandala's, and asked to complete the small portions of it, like shading the space between the lines.

Will post more details then and there. Bookmark(Ctrl+D) this page to revisit again.


  1. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. Thanks for explaining those milestones. One can easily find out if the child needs any expert help or not by observing them. Parenting is a skill that can be acquired then it becomes so easy to raise kids. I agree that being a parent if you do not want kids to be mobile and TV addicts then at first you have to practice the same. It is also the responsibility of parents to protect the child from unwanted online exposure. These little things leave a great impact on kids' lives. You can protect your child from unwanted online exposure with the help of online websites and applications. Thanks for sharing the thoughtful post.

  2. I am very thankful to you for sharing this excellent knowledge. This information is helpful for everyone. So please always share information like Healthy Parenting Tips. Thanks.


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