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My Practical SEO Learnings for blogging from my mistakes

I have completed 2 years in blogging with the littlesavings.

The Covid has given me a real life to my site.

I had explored more about digital marketing, I spent lots of time, like a 3 years course has completed in 3 months.

I learned so many things in these last 3 months.

Let's give my learnings in blogging.

Tip 1: Set Target

I set a three mini targets, that I need to complete 100 posts and 10K views to my blog and 100 likes of my fb page.

One of them has accomplished few days back, trying for the remaining.

Tip 2: Add description

People will share to different sites, but fail to add any description about the post.
This is one of the common mistake.

Each channel allows different length of text for the description. One should utilize that.

Tip 3: Social Media

You have the content, but to reach the users, you should knock the doors of the different social media sites.

From my personal experience, LinkedIn and Quora are worthy.

Tip 4: All social sites are not same.

As said earlier, there is an idea behind the emergence and evolution of social sites.

Eg., Facebook - for hangouts
Quora - Answering your questions
Linked In - Job Network

So, one should aware how to use, where to use the different social sites.

Tip 5: Mobile App

If you have a website, now it is easy to build an app from that.
Technology has evolved than we think.
Appgeyser is one kind to create mobile app.
It costs me nothing.

Tip 6: Personal brand

I thought I should have my brand for my site.

I have designed my own images for the posts, writing in layman's language.

Of course, this doesn't come in instant. I learned how to do visual art from skill share.

Tip 7: Guest Posts

I didn't know the power of the guest post, until some one has written a post for me.

The guest post is win-win situation. The marketing of the post at both sides.

Since it was posted on my site, I did share and at the same time, the guest has also helped to share his content to others.

Tip 8: Service

When I called few people, and explained about my niche, they have given a wow.

There are two things.
People will not know more about your site, and what we are doing.

After explaining them, they turn to returning customers.

Tip 9: Adding #hashtags

Hashtag will help to reach more people. If you are not doing it, try a hashtag now.

Tip 10: Bookmarking sites

I did posted my site links to the book marking site, there was a huge up surge of my views.

Bookmarking sites - Reddit, Mix, Pinterest, Tumblr, stumbleupon

Tip 11: Analyse

Writing a post, sharing on social sites, the views will gain. But, I have analysed the posts which are not shared.

There are different ways to reach your link

Social Sites
Organic search

Out of which, Organic search is important, where the user find your site listed while search.

Tip 12: Dont mix personal and profession

I used to share my posts on my professional linked in site, which is the big mistake I did.

or else, I could not find the sea of free lancers, content writers on Linked In.

Tip 13: Featured Post

Most blog themes offer featured post. 

The feature post will display on top as the first post.

The important things should be listed here to grab the no-time visitors.

Tip 14: Revamping post

I revisited the same post many times and try to made aesthetic every time.

Tip 15: Keywords not from competitors

I did my manual search of the primary keywords for my title in the Incognito mode.

i just escaped my title filling with high competition words.

Tip 16: Landing Page Design & Interlinking of Posts

I designed the site, from the landing page, I diverted the traffic to different pages (niche) and listed all the post links.

For the landing page, I completed a course in Udemy.

Udemy - landing page design

And within the post, interlinked the another posts. This helps to keep the user on your site for more time.

Tip 17: Your views will be dead after 7 days on fb

I posted few links and collected data of two weeks, to my wonder, after 7 days, the post is dead.

Facebook will not help to share your post after 7 days.

Tip 18: Problem with Social Sites

A post shared on the social sites, will gain the likes, comments only.

People will not have time to read the lengthy post, unless they need a service.

So, engage the followers.

Tip 19: Whatsapp

This is most useful in direct reaching the posts and make easy in flow to the site.

Broadcasts will help to one-one messages.

Tip 20: Image sites

Canva, Snappa, Adobespark, Visme

Above sites will help to create an image for your blog post.

Poularity follows the order.

Tip 21: Add Title, Alt to your image

This is the most missing part while adding images. Don't forgot to add Titla and Alt for the image.

Tip 22: Links will help to find the traffic sources. Share these links in social sites.

Tip 23: Add hashtag in blogger

Actually blogger doesn't support hashtags, but the I had incepted the hashtags in some places.
This is listing top in the Google search.

Tip 24: Whatsapp Groups

There are so many groups, but I have started my whatsapp group, to get in touch with the customers.

In this group, I will not post the links 

Tip 25: Follow competitors

When I searçh Little savings, it will be listed on 3rd place.

I noted the 2 competitors and following them.

Tip 26: Images in blogger.

Left align the images in thee blogger for better view.

Tip 27: Short words

People will not search with the full length words.
Eg bal for balance
Min for Minimum

So, I have added these words in my title and post body.

Tip 28: Bing Webmaster 

We all create an account for Google search console, but we can also create an account for Bing webmaster.

Site Inspection will help to give missing alt for images and also identify multiple h1 tags in the post.

This list is not yet exhausted. Will add more learnings now and then.
Bookmark this post link to stay tune.