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More Desired HDFC Credit Cards

While Credit Cards become more important in our daily life, 
there is so much gap in the proper usage.

The biggest drawback is more people fear about the credit card unknown charges, but to be frank there are no unknown charges in the banking products, whether it is a debit card or a credit card.

And I have been trying to help to find the more demanded credit cards based on the banks, instead of finding the best from the group of different banks.

There is a reason behind this, I have faced a bad situation with one of the bank and it breaks my trust.

So, If you have a good opinion with the HDFC Bank, this post is specially for you. 

The only aim with this post is, for who, "I need a HDFC Credit Card with zero annual fee or a complete fee waiver for Annual Fee".

When I have gone through the different HDFC Credit Cards, I found this is the best with the HDFC bank.

HDFC Bank is waiving off the Annual Charges if you spent the minimum amount in an year for more cards than any other banks.

littlesavings - HDFC credit cards

Let's deep dive now.

HDFC Credit Cards with Annual Fee less than Rs. 300:

There are two cards in this race:

  • Business Platinum
  • Small Business Money Back

Business Platinum:

Annual Charge of the Business Platinum card : Rs. 299

If you spent Rs. 30,000 in an year, you will get a free waiver of annual charge in the next year.

Small Business Money Back:

Annual Charge of the Business Platinum card : Rs. 250

To get a no annual charge in the next year, you need to spent Rs. 25,000 in a year.

Card NameAnnual FeeMin Spent for fee waiver
Business Platinum29930,000
Small Business Money Back25025,000

HDFC Credit Cards with Annual Fee with Rs. 500

There are couple of cards in this category, here is the list of cards with Annual Fee Rs. 500 only.
  • Best Price Save Smart
  • Solitaire
  • Platinum Edge
  • Money Back
  • Business Money Back
  • Easy EMI
  • Teacher's Platinum
  • Freedom card
  • Inter Miles Titanium & Select 
  • Times Titanium card

Solitaire, Platinum Edge, Money Back, Business Money Back, Easy EMI, Best Price Save Smart, Teacher's Platinum:

If you spend 50,000 per year, no need to pay a annual fee in the next year

Freedom card :

The min amount of transaction to get the waiver is 60,000

Inter Miles Titanium & Select, Times Titanium card

The min amount of transaction to get the waiver is 1.5L

Card NameAnnual FeeMin Spent for fee waiver
Best Price Save Smart50050,000
Platinum Edge50050,000
Money Back50050,000
Business Money Back50050,000
Easy EMI50050,000
Teacher's Platinum50050,000
Freedom card50060,000
Inter Miles Titanium & Select5001,50,000
Times Titanium card5001,50,000

HDFC Credit Cards with Annual Fee with Rs. 1,000

  • Superia
  • Best Price Save Max
  • Millennia
  • Regalia First
  • Business Regalia First
  • Diners ClubMiles
  • AllMiles
  • Doctors Superia 
  • Diners Club Rewardz
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum
  • Times Platinum Card

Superia, Best Price Save Max : 75,000

Millennia /AllMiles / Doctor’s Superia/ Diners Club Rewards / Regalia
First / Business Regalia First/ Diners ClubMiles - 1,00,000

InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum / Times Platinum Card - 2.5L

Card NameAnnual FeeMin Spent for fee waiver
Best Price Save Max1,00075,000
Regalia First1,0001,00,000
Business Regalia First1,0001,00,000
Diners ClubMiles1,0001,00,000
Doctors Superia1,0001,00,000
Diners Club Rewardz1,0001,00,000
InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum1,0002,50,000
Times Platinum Card1,0002,50,000

Now it is your turn, 

At this stage, you may have a doubt, which credit card will suit for me.

It has been already discussed in my previous posts, but re-iterating here for you.

I have been using HDFC Money Back Credit card for more than 10 years. I didn't pay any annual fee till now(only in the initial years).

And mostly my spent is limited to the groceries and online shopping, which rounded to a min of 1.5 lakhs per year.

So, I recommend, find where are your expenses go, is it for Online Shopping, Dining, Travel, Petrol?

Once you are ready with that, go through list of cards, then find your per year expenses, this will drill down to one or two cards.

Choose the best from those two cards(links provided against each card)

It is always recommend to apply credit card through from your online banking account, instead of reaching agents.