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Final Learnings on Scrum

I have started learning Scrum by going through the Scrum Guide and extended my knowledge on the Scrum by attending an online class in Udemy. 

There are few points I learn after attending the class. 

What is the difference between Agile and Scrum? 

Agile is a process(how to execute the events) and Scrum is a framework(list of events). 

Disadvantages of Scrum?

Scrum is completely a different and structured framework. Evnthough the concept is simple, it is very hard to follow the process. Apart from that, when the organization is already a waterfall method, it is very cumbersome task to replace the existing model and follow a scrum process. 

Why we use fibonacci series for the Story points? 

If we use the series number for the story points, we cannot differentiate the difference between the Small, Medium and Large tasks. Fibonacci series will solve this problem. 

What is Team Velocity?

The  no of story points can be completed in a sprint box is the team velocity, this will help to analyze the no of story points can be picked in the next sprint.

Other Roles in Scrum?

Project Sponsor 
Business Leader
Technology Leader
Business User

What is Kanban Process? 

Even though it is a good process, I am not pretty sure why this is not popular? The key roles in Kanban is, without changing the existing model, this will delight the customer as in Agile, by providing Done product in regular intervals after the product is shippable. 

Visualize the work flow: The Kanban Board, will give the picture on the tasks and divide them into To Do, Doing and Done.
Prioritizing the tasks: By making the list of tasks in To Do by keeping priority tasks on top and less priority at last 
Focus : Limit the number of tasks in the Doing list. 
Deliverable : Piece of product is shippable in the Done tab. 

What is Scrum-ban Process? 

It is the combination of both Scrum and Kanban. In the kanban process, it included the list of ceremonies as in Agile. I doubt that, we are using Scrum ban process in all the organizations.

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And here is my certificate of completing the Scrum Course

littlesavings - scrum udemy certificate