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Save One Rupee Per Day, by Disabling SMS alerts


When I am trying to find ways in minimizing the fees for SMS alerts, previously I have collected data for only few banks, which I have been using mostly.

Now I have collected the SMS Alerts charges for the top banks, which were mostly used by all the people.

SMS Alerts

Charges for different banks on SMS Alerts(excluding Tax).

Banks SMS Alert Charges
Citi Free
Standard Chartered Bank INR 2.5(For less than 5 transactions to INR 5 rupees(For more than 5 transactions)
HDFC INR 15 per quarter
SBI INR 15 per quarter
ICICI INR 15 per quarter
Bank of Baroda INR 15 per quarter

In this win, I have more options now to save more money.

I have accounts in 6 different banks.
i.e., 15 * 6 = INR 90 per quarter,
which equals to 90*4(quarters) = 360 rupees per year.

Do I miss messages, if I de-register or disable the alerts?

There are certain norms from RBI on the SMS alerts, where the normal debits and credits for your card will receive SMS even if we disable the SMS Alerts.
Click on the link against to ICICI bank(mentioned in table) to know, which SMS Alerts are chargeable and which are not. And you can save some money if you disable SMS Alerts for the unused bank accounts.

How to stop/deactivate the InstAlerts for HDFC Bank Savings Account?

1. Login via Netbanking.
2. On the Top Right Corner, find the "Insta Alerts" option. 

3. Select your Savings account.
4. Set all the alerts to Email by using the Edit option.

LittleSavings - How to disable HDFC Instalerts

So, in this way, you can disable SMS Alerts for the HDFC Bank Account.

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