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Pranic Healing - No Touch No Drug Therapy

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As well known, our universe runs with energy. Whatever it might be everything is running with some sort of energy. When comes to the human body, it takes food, digests it, and turns that into energy. Sometimes, when there was an unprecedented situation or went an enormous amount of stress or any kind of negativity like fear, it loses some amount of its natural healing capability due to friction happened inside.

When a machine is running, eg: take a motorbike, when we use this motorbike continuously without any servicing, will that run smoothly? The answer is NO. There will be wear and tear and we need to a go-to mechanic shop and get that bike serviced. After service, it runs smoothly.

Our physical body can recover from any wound or negative situation naturally. That is the law of the physical body. Whenever there is a wound, the physical body heals itself. This healing capability may be different in different persons and age. Sometimes due to the excessive nature of negativity, the body reduces its natural capability of receptivity and self-healing.

Also need to understand that we have physical body and energy bodies. When I say physical body, that is what we can see with eyes. When we talk about energy bodies, we have different layers of energy bodies for every physical body. These energy bodies are where we receive energy from outside and send those energies to the physical body. It means if our physical body needs to be healthy, our energy body should be healthy. Energy bodies we could not see with eyes unless you are a great master. But we can sense them with our hands.

You have gotten a question now? How it can be sensed without seeing them. Yes, there is a possibility and that possibility is what we got from Our Guru Sri Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing.

There are some junction points in the energy bodies which we call them as Chakras. Usually, chakras mean a circle. But these energy points meet and it forms a triangle. You know why we called them chakras though they are triangle in shape? Because when we throw a triangular stone in water the ripples form in circles shape. I think now you have got an idea.

Naturally, these chakras are the source for receiving and emitting energy from outside. When a person feels healthy and energetically upsurge, it means that person is having healthy energy bodies. Similarly, when a person feels dull and lethargic, it means, he is having some blocks and negativity in energy bodies and chakras.

Now let's come to energy bodies and its types
The human body has three layers
1. Inner Aura
2. Health Rays
3. Outer Aura

Inner Aura is close to the human body. It varies a distance from 4 inches to some meters based on the energy levels of a person.
Health rays allow perennial inflow and outflow of energy into the system.
Outer Aura is like an inverted egg shape and it protects from all kinds of psychic and other types of attacks. It is at least an average 1-meter distance from the physical body in a normal person.

To get protected and to maintain healthy and sturdy energy bodies and chakras, we need to maintain the energy system. On a typical day, we roam every place where some places are energetically polluted and very few places in which we get the nourishment of energy. Then how to maintain healthy energy and physical system.

For all these questions Pranic Healing is the answer.

Using Pranic Healing techniques, we can maintain healthy and strong energy and physical systems and helps in developing spiritually.

Generally, a person is undergoing stress, unconsciously he/she develops negativity in the system which leads to malfunctioning of a particular organ. For example, if a person is undergoing stress for a longer period, there will be blockage of energy flow which leads to various problems like digestive related, ulcers, etc. In this situation when we go to a doctor, he would provide treatment and provides some medication. Then that person may get relieved temporarily but those medications lead to some side effects. I am not belittling doctors and their work, I salute for their dedication in this pandemic situation. What I mean to say is, if there is an issue in energy systems and you are going to get treatment for physically it will not resolve completely.

Pranic Healing works miraculously in these cases. Have you ever observed blissful and calm when you go to a temple? If yes then that place is energetically pure and you feel elevated when you are there. Sometime when you come away from that place you may not get this kind of feeling. All those are due to the energy levels present in that place.

When you learn Pranic Healing, you can be healthy both physically and energetically if applying the techniques regularly. This is a No Touch No Drug Therapy.

Now let's see how Pranic Healing works

When a person is suffering from some ailment like indigestion. When he goes to a doctor, he will provide some medication. Sometimes when the problem is severe that medicine also does not work. In this scenario using Pranic Healing techniques, we can improve the acceptance level of the physical body by cleansing and removing all blockages and negativities in the system. This is like removing a block from a clogged pipe. Usually, we see many times in our houses, some sink pipes get blocked and water does not flow properly. Then what we will do? If we know the work to clean that pipe we will do or else we will call some person who knows this kind of work and we pay him and get that issue fixed.

As illustrated above, if you know how to clear blockages in your system then you can clear using the techniques learned in Pranic Healing or else you need to consult a Pranic Healer.

I have been doing Pranic Healing since 2014 and it works miraculously.

I would like to share the most recent incident. My uncle's daughter was suffering from fever which reduced her platelets count and they admitted her in hospital. She stayed a couple of days and she was unable to bear the injections and other medication. After a couple of days, she started crying to be at home instead of staying at the hospital. Whatever she eats, the body was not accepting and coming out as vomiting or motion. She became weak. I went there on a vacation and asked her about her health. Her mother was trying to give some medicine which she took and it immediately came out as vomiting. Then her mother asked me to do the healing. I asked that girl whether she can sit, she said she can. Single sitting about Forty minutes session did a healing for her. After the session, I asked her how did she felt while healing and after healing. She told, "I had a feeling of mild head-ache and other than that no major sign found". I told okay it takes some time to work let's wait for sometimes and I went for a bath and came back and she told "I am feeling better. All my tiredness is not there now". Then I said tomorrow you will feel more healthy. On that day after the healing session, she took one day rest and started going to school. She did not go to school for 15 days before. I said to her mother, whenever the body is repelling anything, we should not ingest. First, we need to improve the receptivity of the body so that slowly it accepts food again. I showed them practically and it was a miracle.

Pranic Healing uses laws of nature. While I was learning, every technique told meticulously and I learned in the same way. If you need to be calm, happy, energetically strong, psychologically strong, and looking for spiritual development then Pranic Healing the best way to choose.

When I was initiated by my master Sri K.V Narayana Raju Garu, in 2014, I felt tremendously blissful. On that evening around 6.45 I went to the center which is located in Nellore after my work hours and I asked my master to allow me to do meditation. He agreed and I sat for 20 mins. Later he asked me to sit in front of him and close my eyes by erecting my spine and placing my palms open on my thighs. That posture is a symbol for receptivity which I was not known earlier. When I closed my eyes, after 5 seconds, I was laughing and I did not know why I was laughing and there is some kind of pain on top of my forehead. But I was happy with the pain. First time I experienced ecstasy with pain. After 20 mins I was asked to open my eyes. I asked my master what did you do to me? He said you are healed and your chakras are opened. From that day my life tremendously and drastically changed. I am experiencing a great life.

It is my experience that I would like to share with someone so that they would get benefited. If one person in a family becomes a Pranic Healer, his family and his surroundings have major influence and change. Hope one can utilize this opportunity at least once in a lifetime.

Atma Namaste!

Author : 
Chebrolu Karthik,
Certified in Basic, Advanced, and Pyschotherapic Pranic Healer

If anyone would like to use this opportunity, please mention your name & contact details in Comments section.

The person need not be there physically for the Pranic Healing Therapy.

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