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Citibank Credit Card in india - Pay Annual Fee with Cashback

# Little Savings

In the last post, I have described the benefits of a Credit Card and Why one should have a Credit Card.

When I tried to pick best Credit Card from the Citibank, who is one of the pioneer in the Credit Cards, I compared the different cards available in Citibank.

Choose your best SBI Credit Card

Citibank Credit Card in india:

Mainly, Citibank Offers the following categories of Credit Cards.

Petrol (IndianOil Citi Credit Card)

Rewards(Citi Rewards Credit Card)

Cashback(Citi Cashback Credit Card)

Shopping(First Citizen Credit Card)

Here are some Premium Cards from Citibank.

Travel(Citi Premier Miles Card)

Hotel(Citi Prestige Credit Card)

Coming back, when compared all the in's and out's of each credit card, 

Annual Maintenance:

The annual maintenance for Citibank Credit Card ranges from 500 to 3000 rupees.
LittleSavings - redit Card Annual Maintenance

Welcome Bonus:

LittleSavings - redit Card Welcome Bonus

Late Payment Charges?:

Little Savings - Credit Card Late Payment Charges

Note: The blank fields follow the charges mentioned in previous blocks.

Other Benefits:

Little Savings - Credit Card Benefits

Other Charges?:

For railway ticket booking, the charges are same across all the credit cards
For the reissuance of card, it is limited to INR 100.
Little Savings - Credit Card Other Charges


Little Savings - Credit Card Rewards

Rewards Conditions:

Little Savings - Credit Card Rewards

After all the struggles, I recommend to go for the Citibank Cashback Credit Card due to the following features.

  • Low Annual Maintenance among all cards.
  • 5% Cashbacks on Utility Payments & Telephone bills
  • 0.5% on all the payments. (My average spent on Credit Cards is about 1.5 Lakhs per year, 0.5% of an amount(INR 750) is covering my annual maintenance).
  • And all the remaining charges are same as the other credit cards.
  • Note the cashback will be redeemed only when total cashback amount reached INR 500.

Go through this link to Apply for a Citibank Credit Card.

If you do shopping at Shoppers Stop, I recommend for the First Citizen Citibank Credit Card.
If you spent more on petrol, I recommend for the Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card.

For more details, you can download this in excel.

If you have a Citibank account, there is a referral program till 30th Sep, 2020. 

This is my Referral link.