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Scrum Basics - II

# Little Savings

Welcome to the Scrum knowledge. If you have missed the first post, click here to read - Scrum Basics - I.
Here I want to discuss on the events & some terms used in the Scrum.

In the first post, we have already noted that there are pre-defined events in the Scrum.
There are four main events in Scrum.
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective 
In detail,

Sprint Planning - 

Any complex product has been broken down into small goals, called as Sprints. A sprint may be within 4 weeks duration. Some sprints can be planned less than 4 weeks.

But can sprints more than 4 weeks time? Of course, but we should restrict the sprint more than 4 weeks, as the sprint adapts any changes or with the 4 weeks time, a new requirement has come, where one  should adapt the new change and take it as part of your next sprints. This ensures the product value to keep up with the present trend.

So, in this event, a product backlog items are taken into sprints and come up with a plan for the First Sprint.

Daily Scrum - 

A Daily Scrum has its importance to plan the things for the day by having a 15 minutes discussion with the Scrum team. Usually, a development team is enough in this daily call, ensuring this happens everyday and organised by the Scrum Master. 

Whether we can include others in the Daily Scrum? No, but if someone joined, they should not intercept the team members discussion.

Sprint Review - 

A sprint review happens with the stake holders, Product Owner & Team after every sprint has completed. Here the Product Owner will explain on the part of product which has been completed in the sprint.

This is usually a four hours informal meeting for a 4 weeks sprint.

If any inputs given by the stake holders will include in the next sprint.

Sprint Retrospective - 

This event will be held once the sprint has completed & before the next sprint starts to discuss on the what has done not well & what has went well.

This is a 3 hours meeting for a 4 weeks sprint.

Little Savings - Scrum

Common Terms Used in Scrum:

  • Sprint - A complex product will be broken down into parts and planned to develop within the sprint.
  • Product Backlog - A requirement has been clearly written down and this is the base or inputs for the Sprint backlog.
  • Sprint Backlog - The product backlog has been taken into plan to complete/develop the part of a product. The backlog items within the sprint are called Sprint Backlog.
  • Refinement - This is part of Sprint Planning, where assigning task hours or user stories will help for the Sprint Planning.
  • Burn Down Chart - This is one of the chart/reports will help to give the status of the sprint towards the complete product development.
Please note, in this post, I described taking into account a product development as an example used to describe the terms. Scrum has been widely used in other departments too eg., on Finance, Pharma industries etc.,