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COVID - Forecast On Economy

# Little Savings

The economy is in immense pressure for the pandemic covid 19. It is not limited to a single person or to a single country, the whole world has been impacted.

But let throw some light on the economy when once we found a vaccine or things becoming better.

The following is only my own analysis.

Little Savings - Covid 19

Quick Production Units:

First, the demand will be so high for all the products and so the price as the qunatity of products are not available. Once the things get better, the industries which can quickly meet the demand or the production units which can quickly produce, will stand in the market.
So the prices for these products will be at same or slightly high.

Medium and Long time taking Production Units.

The industries which affect most post pandemic are these. The price of this product doubles or triples to supply the demand.
Eg, Iron ore, Steels, Consumer products etc.,

IT Industries:

Out of all the industries, the one which is least affected is the IT industry. As no IT industry has shut down and 80-90% of meeting the client's demand.
And in the coming days also, there is also a huge demand on the digital channels. Lets take an example, I opened a Savings Account from my home, using my mobile without even going to bank.
A mobile and insurance companies will have a huge demand in the future.

Pharma Companies:

If you watch the growth in Pharma companies in Stocks, there is a 20% growth in investments and in this pandemic, the industry gaining most is the Pharma.
In the coming future, there will be slight decrease in demand, but now hospitals also trying to get into digital, which wil help IT industry and there is spike on new insurances.

New Industries:

After the pandemic, most of the countries are not interested to tie up with Dragon, and the immediate option they look at us. There will be more companies in line to put investments in India, but it will some time to offer a job opportunities. And also the demand of future jobs will depend on what type of industries trying to invest in India.

Made in India:

During the pandemic, the local made goods gained a huge importance in the people. And that is obsolutely true, the central also made a statement, applausing local made. 
But once the pandemic ends, the prices for some of the products will be high compared to normal to meet the consumer demands.


There are plenty of electronic goods piled up in the houses, since there is no service for repair, but once the pandemic ends this industry will gain more, but unfortunately, the most of electronic repair items has been importing from China, which will be at stake with government decision. And there are no sufficient electronic industries in India to meet the demand.
India should import the electronics from other countries.


I see there is a growth for Airways Transportation, as people see it as a safest option. There will be a growth in this industry already, post pandemic will see a fruitful opportunities and growth in Domestic air travel.
For the international travels, there is a big rock opposite to it, as US stopped H1. And no country will attract others now, until pandemic settles down.

Real Estate:

I hope this is the most affected industry now and in future too. People are keen on the Savings now for the recession on future, and nobody interested to put money in Real Estate.
And all the people reached their nest's in this pandemic, and the real estate in Urban is at stake.

It will take atleast 3-4 years to get things normal in Real Estate.

IT companies in Major cities should also look for another space, as 100% attendance to the work place is unseen in the c
ming 3-4 years.

Middle and Lower class:

Now the last and least, post pandemic, we need to divide the people who is having money in hand and who hasn't. 

The people who is having money seeing a safest instrument to invest, and found Gold is one of that(The gold price reaches 50K per 10 gram).

And the people lost their jobs and having no money, still under dilemma, unless government make a great decision to subside this loss.

Please post your comments, if any.