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Test your Scrum Knowledge

# Little Savings

It is receommended everyone to go through the Scrum Guide, to better understand What is Scrum?

Besides that, once you are done with the Guide, we need to put yourself through the Scrum appliances to better understand on the framework. Although it has been using mostly for the IT industry now, there are numerous applications using Scrum. Brainstorm your brain.

Lets go through this 6 min video, A team has used Scrum to build an iPad application (for ease goggles selection) based on the inputs from the Customers who visit the shop. 

There are 3 roles in the Scrum - Scrum Master, Product Owner & Development Team. Although, the one who is working as a Mid Level Developer cannot taken a role of Scrum Master unless he has proficient in it. Decide your role in the Scrum and get proficient in it.

Scrum Master by Project Manager
Product Owner by Business Analyst
Development Team by Dev & QA.

You can take Scrum Master or Product Owner roles too, if you have knowledge in it.

I recommend, take the free assessment available in the website.

Click here for the Scrum Open Assessment.