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8 productive apps that one should download from Google Play Store

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Due to the covid-19, we all stuck in our houses. As one of the hobby, I downloaded mutliple apps and found the following apps are quite intersting which will help you in our daily life.

Note these are available in Google Play Store ONLY for Android OS.
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Little Savings - Android Apps
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If you want to hear the time by voice for every hour
If you want to hear the OTP by voice without going to reach the mobile
If you want to hear the name of who is calling you.
If you want read the SMS/Whatsapp notifications received

This app will serves all these purposes. This will limit the touching of the phone in this pandemic world.

SMS Organiser:

Little Savings - Android Apps

This app is developed by the Microsoft and best features of this app is
It will segregate all the messages by personal, Offers etc.,
It will also fetch any offer codes while recharging(only if received in SMS)
And it will help to check the balances and any outstanding credit bills.

Dual Space:

Little Savings - Android Apps

If you have only one smart phone but want to install whatsapp for two mobile numbers. This app is the solution.
Even in some mobiles it has given as a default application, there are many apps in Google Play Store now to access multiple Whatsapp's.


Little Savings - Android Apps

This app will give how much amount of radiations has been around. Since due to the covid, we have using internet, this app will give the clear cut of radiation amount have been on our body.

So, that you can limit yourself to the radiations by turning Off them. Eg., a bluetooth also will emit the radiations/EM waves which has affect on our body.


Little Savings - Android Apps

If you want to set the Wifi to ON at 9 AM on everyday and turn OFF at 9 PM.

You can manage all the networks like WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data. The best use of this app, you can minimize the battery draining of the mobile by managing the networks.

SmartKit 360:

Little Savings - Android Apps

SmartKit 360 have lots of utility apps which will really help to save the disk space in your mobile. I like it for the collection of most utility apps at one place.

21 days:

Little Savings - Android Apps

If you want to get acquaintance with any new skill, we need to do it for at least 21 days. This app will to keep track of your progress.


Little Savings - Android Apps

The last but not least, if you a avid book reader in Telugu, and not finding time in the Work From Home, this app will help you out. But you need to pay amount now to listen the books.

This has some good old Telugu books.

If you want to share any apps that will help the others, post in the comments section.


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