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8 Android Apps that you can earn money

# Little Savings

As one of my friend requested, could you analyse any apps that can earn me money? I started to Google and installed some couple of apps and tried few more.

Behind using the app, I tried to understand the core of app and categorising as follows.

1) Resellers:

This become the most trending way after the more house holders/women utilised their free time to earn some bucks.

How it works?
The products catalogue from whole sale retailers are collected and avaialble foe sale. By adding your commission(10-40%), you can resale to other persons.
Eg., a dress costs 200 in catalogue, you can resale to buyers(you need to get it by whatsapp) or your friends with a commision of 20%, say 220.
If anyone buys it, the 20 rupees will credit to your account and 200 will go to the retailer.

Apps you can try - 
Meesho, GlowRoad

2) Surveys/Rewards:

This has born before we born and mostly used by the companies to improve their marketing.

How it works?
There will be 5-10 questions in a survey and you can earn money by answering them.

Apps -
Google Opinion Rewards, SB Answer

3) Videos:

You may not know this, you can earn money by watching videos.

How it works?
By increasing the views of the video.

Apps - 

4) Installing Apps/Games:

This is the common way by insisting to play the games and installing free apps.

How it works?
Apps installation count will attract the ads.

Apps -
TaskBucks, Math Cash

5) Hobbies like Photography:

Taking a photo is like a click button now, but you can earn by selling them.

How it works?
The uploaded photos will grab the copy rights by some gaints and will resell as UX.

Apps -

6) Affiliate Marketing - Sharing/Branding(Commission based):

A word of mouth is the best trust worthy business sales. This is not new for websites.

How it works?
A potential customer can be earned by buyer with the help of another customer. This is a link chain. A hyperlink on the website, takes the users to linked site and a sale is closed after the user buys any product.
Apps - 
Cuelinks(This requires a own website)

7) Testing:

This one is related to my profression. You can do user testing and earn money.

How it Works?
This helps website building companies for a better experience before it hits the real users.

Apps -

8) Speaking/Reading/Writing:

"Information is money" is true, you can earn money by speaking, reading and writing the articles.

How it works?
Attract the users for a good content and helpful for the advertisers.

Apps -
You speak, we pay

As a saying, there are 1000 ways to earn, these are few. Post your suggestions/opinions.