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8 dangerous things you should avoid touching it for COVID-19

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The affect of Corona is clearly visible and day-by-day it doubles and quadruples.. I noticed a few things that we use daily will carry and spread the virus.

Writing these based on my observations only.

Mobile Phones 

The first prize goes to the mobile phones. Today, everyone is using the mobile. I believe, this is the first one we should avoid. I know, it is very hard, as it become part of our life, but atleast sanitise it.

How it carry virus: Touching the infected places and then using the mobile.

How to Sanitise : Clean the outer surface of mobile phone with Sanitizer or soap water.


In those olden days, the chappals are at minimum of 10-15 feet distance(outside of house), as we never roam with chappals in home or in the verandah. But due to urbanisation and congested living places, we keep the chappals in the house itself.

How it carry virus: It will carry most of the diseases. Avoid keeping the chappals inside the house.

How to Sanitise : Put all your sandals and shoes in the hot sun for a day or leave your footwear at a distance.


Even there is a national lock down, for basic needs, we need go out to a market. There are chances to reside the germs on the vehicle handle, mirrors, seat etc.,

How it carry virus: While parking or while stopped at the Signal.

How to Sanitise : It is better to avoid riding the vehicle. It may be a car too. Reach to the nearest provision store with a mask, if needed.

Lift Buttons:

Today, for every apartment and office, we have a lift to reach the different floors. And it is the common area used by all the people stayed in the apartments.

How it carry virus: Touching the lift buttons or grills by the infected persons. For closed lifts, it is very dangerous, as someone can sneeze within the lift.

How to Sanitise : Unless, if there is an association for your apartments and taken care for cleaning, it cannot be sanitised. Better avoid lifts and use the stairs. Don't touch the hand rails while using steps.

Door Handles/Switch Boards

When you came from outside, the first touchable thing is the Door handle or lock area to open the key. If you carry the virus, it will stay on the handle for 6-12 hours.

After entering home, without touching anything, have a bath immediately. Once you enter into the room, whatever you touch, treat it as a contaminated one. It may be a switch board, chairs, tables etc.,

How it carry virus: Touching the places with infected hands.

How to Sanitise :  Wash the touched items with the sanitizers/soap water.


As said earlier, the dress you wear is also contaminated easily as it covers the whole body. The virus may lie on your clothes for 6-12 hours.

How it carry virus: Virus may fall or you may get contact with infected area.

How to Sanitise :  Once you enter into the house, dip the clothes in soap water.

Rupee Notes:

I am suspecting, like the mobile phone, it is also get in touch with the infected hands.

How it carry virus: As it is hand-hand changing commodity, it is the most affected after mobile.

How to Sanitise : Press the notes with Iron box or avoid using cash. Coins dip in soap water.

Door Delivery items:

Last but not least, we know, how much we used for the door delivery from big basket and Amazon. We are not sure, how safe the vegetables, milks packets, provisions etc. are?,

How it carry virus: May get intact with contaminated hands.

How to Sanitise : Place the delivery box in a hot sun and take after 2 hours. And then the items are carefully washed or sanitized before it resides into your kitchen wardrobe.

The list is not enough, if you want to add any items, please let us know.