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8 questions you should ask yourself before donating blood

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The fact about the blood is "it cannot be manufactured" and the need about the blood is "For every 2 seconds someone needs a blood".

The people can donate the blood within every 56 days and only a small 1 pint of blood will be taken from blood donors.

Besides the facts, even though donors are available, few conditions should meet before donating the blood. Instead, after the long travel to the hospital, everyone can check themselves, whether they can donate the blood?

Have you donated recently?

Are you suffering from Fever or Cold?

Have you taken alcohol in the past 24 hours?

In the last 6 months, do you have dental extraction?

Do you have malaria/typhoid/jaundice in the past 1 year?

Have you taken any following tablets - Antibiotics, Analgesics, Aspirin etc.,?

Any history of surgery/blood transfusion in the last 1 year?

After donating blood(previously), do you feel often dizziness/low blood pressure?

*The following check list has been prepared based on the recent blood donation at Chettinadu Hospital.

If the answer for the above all questions is 'No', the donor can very well reach the hospital and save the patient's life.

One more fact about blood donation, a single donation can save upto 3 lives, as the collected blood can be divided into RBC, WBC/Platelets & Plasma. These three can be given to the required people.