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Does Vastu affect our health? Know Basic Vaasthu Tips While Buying New Home or Rent a House

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Why we need to know about basic Vaasthu? Does it affect our health?

Vaasthu has been predominantly following from the ages. I believe the fact that to keep everyone in an order & for better benefit to the society, the basic rules for any house has been originated.

There are people believing that vasthu is one of the superstitious belief and so many people don't have an idea about the basic vaasthu(I was one of them before). But after reading more about vasthu, I came to know that the design of any house/architecture has been linked to the health benefits(Clear thinking, Energy flow etc.,).

Lets start understanding some basic vaasthu tips. This will be helpful if you are buying a new home or looking for to rented house.

For each side of the direction, there is significant prominence and rules has designed for healthy life.

Basic Vaasthu Tips : Each Direction Prominence and Placement of Rooms as per Vaasthu:

Usually this place should be open than all the other sides as the air flows towards to the NE direction and also act as valve for the positive energy entering into the room.

Should always be at lower level than the other sides. Good for pooja's room and halls. Out side of the house, the water bodies(wells) should be placed.

The side is fit for the Kitchen.

This side should be completely blocked, as the air entering from this side, is not good.

This side is best for Master Bed room. A room which needs no disturbance. That is the reason, it is completely blocked around the room.

This side should be covered with the trees as the sun set rays are very harmful. And this side is best for the discussions room(inside the house).

This side is fit for the Girls room, Guests room and can also use for the kitchen.

This is good for the Dining room/kids study room.

So, if you are searching a vaastu complaint house for rent or to buy, please keep in mind whether the rooms were placed at the correct place.Little Savings - Basic Vaasthu

Detailed Vaasthu Tips:

To have a in-depth knowledge, please continue to read vaastu for each room:

Vaastu for Bed Room:

Bed room should always be in the SW corner of the house.
And it should be occupied by only head and married person.

Vaastu Tips for the Master Bed Room:

1. There shouldn't be any windows or doors on the west side.
2. The bed should be placed towards the South or West wall.
3. The SW corner should have heavy blocks, so alamara or clothes ward robe(beeruva) should be occupied here.
4. The mirror can be placed anywhere but while sleeping on bed, none of your body part should not be visible in the mirror.
5. The attached bathroom can be on the West side or North side.
6. The bathroom door should be always closed.
7. Green color suits for the walls.
8. The curtains should be thick that no light should enter from the south or west side.
9. The bed room should not contain any trigger points of day activities, like TV, Computer, Books etc.,
10. You can have one book to read near to bed if you are a night reader.

Sleep Direction :

1. Students should sleep in the East side.
2. One shouldn't sleep in North direction.
3. West and South are best to sleep.

Vaastu for Kitchen:

Kitchen should always be placed in the SE corner or the NW corner of the house.
Vaastu Tips for Kitchen:
1. The Gas Stove should always be placed at the SE corner of the Kitchen
2. And one should face towards East while cooking.
3. An L-shaped bend helps to keep the electrical appliances like Grinder, Mixi etc.,
4. Towards to the West/South, we can place the almarah for utensils and provisions.
5. Dining Table should be towards to the West Wall.
6. Refrigerator can keep on the North Side.

Dining Table Vaastu:
1. The Dining Table should be Square or Rectangular.
2. The Dining Table should occupy in the SW corner of the room.
3. The Head of the family should sit at the SW corner of the table.
4. An instrumental light music will helps to enjoy the food.
5. Mouth Watering Paints on the wall increase the hunger.

Pooja Room Vaasthu:

1. The ideal place for the Pooja room is the NE corner.
2. One should face east while praying.
3. Don't place idols to the wall. It should be few inches away from wall.
4. The Pooja room should not be in the south direction and idols also should never face south direction.
5. Avoid Pooja place in the bed room, if it is unavoidable, place it in the NE corner.
6. Never keep the idols brought from old temples in the prayer room.
7. Never have passed away persons' photos in the Pooja area.
8. No one should sleep in the prayer room, except it is in bed room.
9. Never, Ever, under any circumstances, conceal any money or other valuables in Pooja place.

Living Room Vaastu:

Living Room
Living room is where you lead the most of the time.
In the 2BHK terminology, it is HALL we are referring as living room.

Living Room Vaasthu Do's & Dont's:
1. Living Room should be either in East or North.
2. If you are a home bird, construct room in NW side.
3. If you are social bird, construct room in the SW side.
4. Keep the heavy furnitures in the West or South Side.
5. The head of the family should always face EAST while sitting.
6. Put TV in the SE corner.
7. All the furniture's in the living room should be either square or rectangular, but not circle.
8. NE corner should have free open space where the positive energy enters into your house.
9. Keep fish aquarium in East or North or NE of the living room.
10. Face East or North while studying, if you have a study table, keep it on South and West Side. Ample light should be there onto the study table. 
11. Keep the study table some inches away.
12. Keep Computer in the SE of study place.
Living Room Vaastu

Fish Tank Vaasthu:
1. Pick the round ones.
2. Gold and dragon fishes breeds are best.
3. Never keep the fish tank in direct sunlight
4. Never keep fish tank in Kitchen and bedroom.

Wall Clock Vaasthu:
1. Wall clock should be on North or East wall.
2. All clocks should show the same time.
3. Keep the clock on North wall in bedroom.
4. No wall clocks on South wall.
5. Avoid hanging clocks above any door.


Mirrors are able to attract and double the positive energy and eliminate negative energy. If you place mirror in front of cash locker, it will double up your wealth. 

Vaasthu Tips: 
1. Place reflective items like wall clock, mirrors, decorative items in front of North and East walls or opposite to the main entrance door. 
2. Placing a mirror reflecting dining table symbolizes doubling of food. 
3. Avoid oval and round shaped mirrors. 
4. If you place mirror in bed room, ensure none of your body part visible while sleeping on the bed. 
5. Don't place mirror in study rooms. 

Toilets Vaasthu:

Bathroom Vaasthu

Toilets and bathrooms are major sources of Negative energy. Unfortunately, recent days, we put that negative energy into our home.

Here are some tips to get rid of this negative energy.

Bathrooms should never be exact at the corner.
Best location is the NW part of the home.
Second best location is NE and South sides.

Stair case Vaasthu:

Stair Case Vaasthu

1. The stair case should be in SW corner or West or South direction of home.
2. Construct external stair case in SE facing East, SW facing West, NW facing North and SW facing South.
3. Use the area below the stair case as store room. Should not use for any purpose.
4. Keep the no of steps as odd. 
5. Avoid stair case at NE side.

Garden Vaasthu:

1. Tulsi plant should be there within house limits.
2. Garden should not be clutter.
3. Avoid throny plants
4. Avoid bonsai plants
5. No ber and bamboo plants within house limits.
6. No creepers inside the house.
7. No flower pots on compound wall.
8. Milk bearing trees or plants are strict no.

Plants should grow at home:
Coconut, Sandalwood, Lemon, Almond, pine apple, jack fruit, Mango, Neem tree, Basil, Jasmine, pomegranate, saffron, champaca etc.,

Main Entrance door Vaasthu :

Main Door

North Side - NE main door
South Side - SE main door
East Side - NE main door
West Side- NW half of west wall

Tips :
1. Main door is face of the house. Keep it attractive.
2. Should be larger than any other door in the house.
3. Door should not be too close to the side corners. Leave feet distance.
4. No of windows and doors should be even and not end with 0.(eg 10, 20 etc)
5. Two main doors should not face each other.
6. Don't keep garbage at main entrance.
7. Main door should not be exactly at center of the wall.
8. No blocks or poles opposite to the main door.
9. Should always be rectangular. Avoid arch shapes(half circle).

Water tank Vaastu:

Overhead water tank -

Water Tank Vaasthu

1. Best location is SW or West.
2. If the tank situated at SW, keep above 1 feet above. Not required raise level for west.
3. Don't use plastic tanks
4. Never locate a water tank above a kitchen or a bed room.

Underground water tank:
Underground watertank

Effects of placement of underground water tank:
NE - All kinds of happiness and prosperity.
North - Acquisition of wealth, happiness
East - Prosperity and wealth gain
West - Acquisition of wealth, increase worries about health.
South - Mental Sickness, Loss of Wife.
NW - Enmity, Theft, Progency affected, Mental Tension, Loss of wealth. Balance of life is lost.
SW - Death of head of the family , Accident, Violence, Total failure in jobs/business, wealth loss, family clashes 
SE - Loss of wealth, Defames owner, kids in problem, women suffer more.
Center - Bankruptcy & total destruction of family.

Tips :
Always do Pooja before digging earth.
Never start digging on Tuesday.
Never close incorrectly located tank by yourself.

Septic Tank Vaasthu:

Septic Tank Vaasthu

It is where all the waste of your house is collected, a source of more negative energy.

Directions and it effects
North - Monetary loss
NE - Business loss
East - Fame loss
SE - Wealth loss
South - Loss of Wife
SW - Loss of life
West - Mental instability

Don't close any incorrect tanks by yourself.

Perfect place - NW of any facing house. Worst place - SW 

This is not the end and there is so much to know about vaasthu.