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8 tips on the basic vaastu for rooms of each direction

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Vaasthu has been predominantly following from the ages. I believe the fact that to keep everyone in order for a better benefit to the society, the basic rules for any house has been originated.

There are people in belief that vaasthu is also one of the superstitious belief and so many people don't have an idea about the basic vaasthu(I am one of them). But the design of any house/architecture has rendered for the health benefits.

For each side of the direction, there is significant prominence and a room is designed for each direction for the healthy life.

Usually this place should be open than all the other sides as the air flows towards to the NE direction and also act as valve for the positive energy entering into the room.

Should always be at lower level than the other sides. Good for pooja's room and halls. Out side of the house, the water bodies(wells) should be placed.

The side is fit for the Kitchen.

This side should be completely blocked with the air flow, as the air entering from this side, is not good.

This side is best for for Master Bed room.

This side should be covered with the trees as the sun set rays are harmful. And best for the discussions room.

This side is fit for the Girls room, Guests room and can also use for the kitchen.

This is good for the Dining room/kids study room.

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