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Add 8 Colorful habits for a healthy life

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Colours are always part of our life and each color signifies the different nature. I made an analogy of the different colours for the healthy life. Here we go,

Wake up the Blue Sky :

The blue colour signifies always cool. We insist to always wake up before the sun rise. But unfortunately, due to the late night stays, we are missing the beauty of dawn(I specially like the summer mornings). It is recommended to wake up as early in the morning before the first ray shed on this earth.

See the Green first for a day:

It is scientifically proved that if we see the green color first in the early mornings, it will releases the melatonin and fills the tranquility in mind, and also effects your mood for a day. Fill your balcony's with indoor plants or have a walk in the near-by park.

Yellow Prayers:

The sun plays an important role in humans life and helps to sustain the all the races on earth. One should sweat and absorb the heat of the first rays. That is the reason, we have our mundane as devotion prayers to the god Sun. The yellow rays helps to gain the vitamin D too. Schedule a morning jog or Surya Namaskar with the sun first rays touches your body.

Drink that White:

Every human should drink at least 4 litres of water per day. It helps in proper functioning of all the human body parts and streamline the blood and controls the fat.

Fill your plate with darks (Red, Orange):

Mostly every dark color(Red, Orange, Purple etc.,) will found in the fruits and one should always have a breakfast plate with the full of dark colors. Red denotes an apple, Orange to Carrots, Purple for Beetroot etc.,

Handful Brown:

One should include the brown color like Dates, Dry Fruits(Badam) etc.,to your daily diet, which helps to reduce the aging and fill up the additional vitamins to the body.

Light On the Black:

One should experience the fullness of dark(night). It is the time to rejuvenate your mind and body. Ban your mobiles to overtake your nights. Have a plenty of sleep, min of 7-9 hours per day.

List out, what colours you have been missing in your life. If you are missing, more than half of the colors, you should think once and try to add and make your life colourful and healthy.

Ending Tip -

Adding first three colors(Blue, Green, Yellow) - will help for long term activeness. Try to add atleast one colour to your life.

Adding fourth color(White) - helps for proper functioning of your body parts.

Adding 5th - 7th color(Red, Orange, Brown) -  helps to add all the necessary vitamins required for a body. Try to add atleast one colour to your body.

Adding 8th color(Black) - A charming face with a smile for every morning.