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8 things you should know for a true leadership

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What I need to say as the first line for the Leadership is "The leadership should not come from the designation, but from the respect". That is my true meaning of the leadership.

Here are 8 things, I noted for the leadership.

Don't provoke/intimidate them:

A cat may turn into cheetah, if you provoke or intimidate them. I found that it doesn't work at all. There is only one thing, the freedom. Let them learn. Let them understand. Even though it is a long-process, but surely works.

Enhance their skills: 

Besides being handy whenever they need, put aside some time in a week, to sharpen the skills inbuilt in them. Like no watch shows the same time, different people will have different skills.

Understand the capabilities: 

Even though it is similar to the above one, my point here is, everyone will not work at the same pace. Based on their capabilities, the work to be shared. If we push them harder, you are losing your leadership, as the people will do the work because of your designation, but not on the respect.

Set a path to know how to handle: 

There are some cases, where people stuck how to overcome this. If you have already faced the same hurdle, share it. The people under your leadership are like the kids, they replicate what you do.

Turning them to the right way is not one-time task: 

To nurture and guide them is not a one-time task. It will take months or years, but never irritate them. Just say it once or twice.... but not thrice. In the future days, they definitely remember what you said before and will change themselves.

Analyse why they lag: 

Everyone will have different problems, responsibilities of their life. This is directly/indirectly lag them at each other places(work & life). Even though there is saying that "Don't take your Office to Home and vice-versa", but it is not always manageable as the same mind go through both the places. Wait for sometime, the hurdles are like passing clouds.

Be a guardian for them: 

Whatever the circumstances, be a protector for them. There may be a mistake, but you need to save them in-front of others. But keep in mind, bear for one(mistake), but not for two. In the journey of work/life, one should always learn from mistakes.

Make them like you and take over your place: 

Like the King, like the people. Anyway the people will become like you under your leadership. But make them to take over your place, that is the apex of your leadership.

These are all my noted things about the leadership. You may not become a leader by designation, but put a mark of you. For that, you don't need to be a Leader.