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8 different ideas to wish on a birthday

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A wish on someone's birthday will always stand special. People will greet in different ways on their friends' birthday's. Everyone is unique in showing their love towards the bestie.

Here are 8 different ways to wish the birthday buddies and make their day as memorable.

Playing Happy B’day from musical instrument

Playing a happy birthday song is quite easy on any instrument. If you have a skill on any musical instrument, play happy birthday song for your friend/lover/relatives. Hope, most of the people(skilled in instruments) do this.
For the people, who have not tried any musical instrument, there are so many music apps(Grand Piano) available on play store and can play the happy birthday song by self-learning.

Piano is the easiest instrument to play on apps. And notes will be available from web. Do play in-front/live call before your loved ones.

Hand made greeting card

Even though the way of expressing of love through greeting card is an oldest way, but will always reach the heart. A self made/from store greeting card it will always make them memorable.

A self made is most recommended as your hand written words make them closer.
A store greeting card, should have a space to say a few words about them. Don't ever hand it, without writing your feelings/wishes/words on cards.

Little Savings - Bday wishing ideas

Changing the old photograph to new present photo

This way is popular after the Facebook, where the person transmission from his infant age to the present age. There are few software's available on internet and need to collect the childhood photo & present photo. Show your skills for a good transforming image.

Video Wishes from the friends

We may be the one of the best buddies, but wishes from all the loved ones will have a more weight and more surprising one. Get to know the people, who they like most and try to collect the birthday wishes video from them. Collate and share to the birthday buddy.

Video from the old photos

If you have a huge photos collection of your friend, don't hesitate to remind those days back by framing them in a video. Even we can collect the more photos from Facebook/Instagram these days. Many apps available to make your work simple. Try - Kinemaster, Filmigo android apps.

Art on the re-usable glass

If you are a natural lover and your friend also shares the same, try to re-create an art from the re-usable items. Here is one of the idea on art making from glass bottle.

Little Savings - Bday wishing ideas

Photos with name and song: 

In the Android Play store, there are several apps, where you can create a video with both the photo and a birthday song with their name. It will be like a pro video making birthday wish. Try "Birthday song with Name" Android App.

Own Quotes:

This is the one I am following now. Try to write your own quote and add some background image and share it. Try Quotes Creator app from the play store.

Little Savings - Bday wishing ideas

Unfortunately, the way of greeting them limited to the single line Whatsapp text now. If you see in group chats, there are dozens of same lines(wishes), popping up in a minute and people will go back to their work. Even if the person is near(I see in offices), we are chatting to them online, instead if you go personally to their place and convey your wish, that will help to strong your bond with them.