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8 little health problems faced by IT people

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We have a boon that the average spending of an Indian has been drastically increased compared to the previous generations due to high packages and incentives in IT industry. On the other had, we are more prone little health problems due to IT industry.

I listed the common health problems of every IT employee.

Stones in Kidneys:

Little Savings - Health Problems by IT
This is the common problem faced in every one now. We have all the privileges in office, having the plenty of drinking water available. But the only problem, we are not keeping our body hydrated and drinking the minimum required of amount of water need by the body.

Tip: A human should take at least 4 litres of water per day. Target to this tip,

Early morning - 1 litre
During office hours - 2 litres
Before sleep - 1 litre

Eye sight & Dry eyes:

Little Savings - Health Problems by IT

Due to long time viewing of screens, we are facing different problems from the Dry eyes, Eye Sight to the lack of sleep. 

Tip : Keep your eyes away in between each hour. 

Hearing problems:

Everywhere we are seeing, people hanging their head phones and hearing with the medium to loud volumes. It may be pleasing for now, but in the nearby future, you need replace your head phone with hearing aid kit.

Tip: Listening with earphones should happen in the no noise surroundings. Don't use headphones while travelling, that requires high volume sounds.

Little Savings - Health Problems by IT

Back pain & Joint Pains:

Little Savings - Health Problems by ITEven I have been facing the Back Pain due to long sitting hours at the same place. Now I realised that I should be moving my body in between.

Joint & Neck Pains due to immobilising the body parts for long hours and the angle at which you see the system/PC causes the neck pain. Recently, since most of the people bow their heads to the phone for video streaming, this became common.

Tip: Stretching exercises or a simple walk in between the work.


The impact of this ailment is directly proportional to the years of experience or the amount of money crediting to your account. No Stress, No Money. I couldn't give any tip for this. May be Yoga/Meditation will help you stress free.
Little Savings - Health Problems by IT

Skin Allergy:

Little Savings - Health Problems by ITSince the shifting between the different temperatures, from low temperature office environment to the high temperature surroundings and again to the low temperatures at home, making the body strain and skin was not able to adjust to the different temperatures.

And also, long hours of sitting in Air Conditioned environments will cause the skin allergies.

Blood circulation due to tight jeans:

Little Savings - Health Problems by ITIt is now common to wear the jeans to Office too, but due to wearing the tight jeans, we are blocking the free flow of blood in the body and also not allowing to body to have a free air flow on the skin.

Let's think, if your body sweats and unable to dehydrate as quickly, the body accumulates the sweat and stick to your skin for long hours as the jeans are not allow to dehydrate quickly.

Putting Purse in Back:

I came to know about the putting purse in the back pocket, causes the back muscle displacement due to unbalance flat seat to sit. Even while Driving Keeping Wallet in Back Pocket can cause severe back pain or even slip disk.

Tip : As an old saying, the money(Goddess Laxmi) should always carry to the left of your heart like her husband, Lord Vishnu. And may be that is the reason, we have a pocket on the left side instead of right. And physically, it is easy to take the money out from the right hand if the pocket is on left side.
Little Savings - Health Problems by IT