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8 Helpful Free Android Apps to download from Google Play Store

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Thanks for the Google Android Revolution for the lakhs of applications in the app store. Since my first android phone, I tried different apps, and here I want to share you the apps, that will be helpful at times.

Screen Filter:

Little savings - helpful android apps 

I installed this app, when my phone fails to lessen my mobile screen light. Even though, I kept it as low, the reflection of screen light always bothers me. Since I found this app helpful, I tried to install in all the mobiles I used. Since the screen light affects our sleeping orders, this app was quite useful to use at nights.


little savings - helpful android apps

This app helpful for splitting the bill and quite useful your monthly expenditures in sharing rooms. This was suggested by my roommate and have used almost more than 5 years. I introduced to all my roommates, while I shared the different rooms in my bachelor days.

Total Fitness:

little savings - Android app for gym or body building

Total Fitness app was downloaded when I bought my Gym Kit. Alas!! I have the gym kit. It's true. This app will helps to understand how to do different work out positions and can pick the particular body part workouts to turn up. The instructions are clear cut.


Little savings - compare prices from Amazon, Flipkart

This app helps to compare the prices in different shopping sites. At that time, this app used to help me more, to quickly compare the prices in Flipkart, Amazon etc., Unfortunately, this was not available now in play store. But don't worry, try to search this "price comparison apps".

Brain Games:

Little Savings - brain Games for memory building

This was suggested by my office colleague, where she used to play mind games in break time. The memory games really helped a lot to remember my credit card numbers, phone numbers and quickly typing OTP numbers.

Financial Calculator:

Little savings - Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator, is the app recently downloaded. The best part of this app, the income tax calculator. Try this to calculate your income tax.

Kindle Lite:

Little Savings - Kindle lite

Kindle Lite is the basic version. Even though, the amazon kindle has become the default app in some mobile phones. Due to the space constraint, I deleted the Kindle app and using the lite version.



Little Savings - Edit pictures
Snapseed has wide varieties of photo processing. Try the different effects. It looks like a pro-app for the image processing. This was also suggested by my colleague.

If you are using any helpful apps,  please share in the comments section.