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8 daily habits I follow for a healthy life

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Everyone has some daily routine. Based on their priorities, the day start and end without our notice. But a good start in the day leads to the good end of the day.

Here are my daily routines I follow in my life. Hope, some of them could help you to add to your daily routine.

Ruby your hands:

Little Savings - daily habitsEvery morning, after I woke up, I rub my hands.
This is one of the mundane, I inherited from my family.
But, recently I came to know that, by rubbing your hands,
the sleeping brain will activate as the connecting nerves
in hand sparks the brain.

Top priority today:

   I put a sticker on my mirror with a note 
    "Today's Top Priority". During my brushing time, I just remember and note down in the brain. This will help to prioritize my tasks daily. 
Little Savings - daily habits


Morning walk: 
Little Savings - daily habits

Then I start to nearby park, to do three rounds of morning walk.
I hope, this is the only time, I walk more in a day.

Little Savings - daily habitsDry fruits:

I prefer to eat atleast a dry fruit everyday. Almonds is my favorite. Sometimes, I try to eat fruits, vegetable salad too.

Little Savings - daily habitsWalk to a colleague: 

In the office, if someone pings me I try to go their desk, instead of chat. This is my physical experience in the office, apart from my mental office work.

1 new thing: 

After I reach home from the office,  Little Savings - daily habits      I always thought to do something new or I do book reads or write my blog or anything that pleases me.

Note down ideas:  

'Before sleeping, I note down the ideas 
that triggered in my mind for the day. 
I will collate and jot down in the diary.
Little Savings - daily habits

Little Savings - daily habitsNo Phone Zone: 

I will try to keep the phone as far away from my bed.