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Camera it! The best moment of your life with your smart phone!!!

# Little Savings

Previously, I was a TED follower, "ideas worth spreading" and I liked to watch the smart and creative ideas from around the globe through TED Conferences.

Here is one of the idea that touched my heart.

Capture a second on everyday - Cesar Kuriyama

Often, the best moments happen in everyone's life but in this busy scheduled monotony life, we tend not to collect those moments properly, as we have little space. 'Capture a second on everyday' is a little idea to capture the best moments for a second on everyday and collate it to recollect those moments. And also the author suggests that, capture those new moments, which you did for the first time, to give the idea that how many new things you did in your life.

My first and foremost, why I like this idea was, after the advent of mobile phones, people are busy in capturing the best moments/parties instead of enjoying that moment. Our mind needs only a small trigger to recollect those best moments and there is no need to capture the whole moment. I remember, I used to capture the whole video, but never fully played.
                       And I used to write my diary(physical book) on weekly basis, and by end of the year, I used to read to recollect those memories. But, now, I couldn't write not even a page(I have been writing now in a Google Mini Diary, I will share this idea in the coming post). So, I feel that capturing a second on every day will keep your best moments rememberable.

Here are some other tips from author before capturing the one second of your life.

* Instead of selfie, take what you see
* Only one best moment in a day - This will helps to know what you did newly in your life - But I don't want to limit one moment, I took the 2-3 moments in a day.
* Take the bad moment too - Again, I feel the bad moments are not good to recollect.

And here is my final tip, we all share the songs and quotes as whatsapp status, instead of that, try to upload one best moment of one second of the day. At the end of the month, can collate the clips to rewind the memories.


  1. Awesome post Naga... Thts true...

  2. I recollect an incidence shared by a natgeo photographer in an article.

    He was assigned to shoot a snow leopard cubs who were a few days old.

    He was positioned about a kilometre away, well camouflaged with a telephoto lens. He waited for three days in the snow motionless waiting for the cubs to come out of the cave.

    Three days later the mother leopard found that it's safe to get the kids out.

    The photographer had a clear shot. A shot that would have made him immensely rich.

    He did not take the shot. And when he returned back, he told natgeo that he did not want to spoil the moment between the mother and cubs.

    One sound of the shutter would have made them scurry for cover.

    A trivial incident, but so deep.


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