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8 tips for saving water - to beat the drought of Chennai

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The water capacity in the Chennai nearby reservoirs has become low and recorded it as fifth lowest mark in the last 74 years. Drought has been crunching the people in Chennai, I can see it and feel the need of water. I used to pay INR 1100 for the Water tanker, where the prices gone up to 2500 now.

Saving water is in everyone's hands by properly utilizing the natural resources. During this hard time, I found few ways to save the water, which I have been following.

At Home:

Don't wear heavy clothes - It is already hot at the outside, we, software professionals boon for sitting under air conditioners. But you can help the hand to save the water from your side. 
          Don't wear heavy clothes like jeans to the office or at home, as it takes plenty of water for washing. I have been already following since a month avoiding wearing the jeans to office. Wear fabrics like Silk and cotton mix, will take less water for washing.

Make less use of Washing machine
- After the city people acquaintance with the washing machines, we don't know the pain of washing. But I agree I am one of those saviors of using washing machines. I came to know the hurdles of our father generations, in washing the clothes, after my washing machine gone for repair. Now I am washing my clothes by hand. During this time, I came to know how much water we are wasting for washing the clothes.

Here are few ways to save the water with proper using of washing machines.
a. Soapnuts are also one of the deterging agent to clean the clothes. This was found from the internet sources. 

            I used to have two washes, one with detergent and another with plain water to remove the detergent. But after using soapnuts, I use only one full wash (with the soap nuts merging in the washing machine). Since, soap nut doesn't harm to your body, one full wash is fine for you and the clothes.

b. Another way is one round of washing in machine and another round by hand.

Use small utensils while cooking - In cooking, we always use the big utensils, eg., for the cooking the rice, where you can see the remaining space empty. 

Just find the extra space while using the utensil, then you can understand, how much you can save, while washing the same.
Tips - I use the rice cooking vessel, exactly fills the full vessel.

Use small mugs/buckets in the bathroom - My kid used to play with the water, since we are using the big mugs in the bathroom, she will clear the water in no time by playing. Later I bought the small mug for her playing, then she have some time to play with the water. Soon or later I realized now, when I use the small buckets and mugs for bathing, we are saving some water. As most of the time, the unused water in bucket are spilled out, where this can be save if we use the small mugs/buckets. We Indians, have taught that we left some water in the bucket, this was a belief that the water should left for the people who comes next. But for 20th century, let water remain in ground, not in buckets.

At Office:

Avoid washing your face while sitting in A.C - From one of the internet sources, for those who wash face frequently while staying in A.C for the long time, the people are more prone to the skin diseases and soon wrinkles your face. Follow this link for more info.

Avoid spilling water in bottles - I always see the people spill the remaining water in the bottle the next day, while filling up for the day. The spilled water, can be drink or pour to the plants nearby. 

Note that if you staying in A.C's, a water bowl near by your place, will avoid to dehydrate the body as the A.C will absorb the water nearby bowl.

Washing ceramic plates twice - I used to see that the people will wash the same plate twice. The person who already ate in the plate will wash and keep it in place, while the other who wants to use it, will wash it again. It is only human tendency that he/she wants to eat in the neatly cleaned plate. But it is already cleaned. Instead pour running water and clean with the tissue paper.

Low Running pipe - While washing the lunch boxes, a tiny running pipe will help to avoid water wastage. This is applicable at all places.

Above all, you, specifically you should realize the importance of water, or else, all those preaching's to save the water will go into ashes. The above mentioned ones, are the small places, where I realized and saving the water, you may save at other places, share your ideas in the comments section.