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8 tips for the fitness of your body and mind

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As we get older, the patterns of the mind will changes, and the body will lean to the rest. Few things we intentionally ignore and later both the body and mind will be inactive to that particular task. Eg, We do walking to the near distances before you own the vehicle, but after used to motor vehicle, both the body and mind will not be active to go by walk.

So to cut that mind pattern, I have jotted down 8 tips, I follow, to keep both the body and mind to be fit always.

To the body:

1. Whenever I see the stair case(1 or 2 floors), I will try to step up within no time. You would be able to maintain the same pace, for another few years.

2. On my routine to the park, I will try to make three rounds and take the 25 push-up's and that is the maximum I can do. Each time, I stick to this.

3. At least once in a while, walk to the long distance. Sometimes, I try to walk from office to the home which is about 4.5 km distance.

Here, I set my body to 3 rounds of walking, 25 push ups, quick laddering steps and long distance of 4.5 km. Set your body goal. 

To the mind:

4. Travel is one of my refreshment to the mind. I have traveled around 65 new places in the last 7 years.

5. Behind all my tasks at home, the music roars in the background. Each week, I play top 20 music list from different languages. I have emotions wise playlist. For eg., If I had a fight with my wife, I run the anger songs collection and will left to the other room. And sometimes, I do collect the best lyrics that touched my heart.

6. Games - A few brain games will always help to keep active your brain. Beware of addiction. I do simple math problems, mind calculations, remembering numbers games.

7. Try new things...Never let your brain stick to the same work through the life. Add new things besides your daily work. I have already written on few posts on this.

8. Last but not least, build new relationships and love to the core.. A small chit chat with the new person, will give an immense new energy to me and I adore them to the bottom of my heart.

I hope, these 8 tips will help to stay fit both physically and emotionally. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please put in comments section.