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HDFC, SBI, Citi, SCB(Any Bank) - Monthly Account Balance Calculator

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Some banks like SBI giving an option to check your minimum account balance for  a month through online banking.

   But few banks like HDFC, this option is not available, where only End of the Day(EOD) balance is printed in balance statement.

Using your EOD balance, anyone can calculate the Minimum Account Balance to be maintained in the account.

MAB = [(DAY 1+Day 2.....DAY N) of EOD BALANCE] Divided by [No of Days].

Based on the above formula, the simple calculator has been designed.
Follow this link for MAB Calculator.

How to use calculator:

* To calculate your MAB, open the attachment sheet - MAB calculator.
* Enter your EOD balance of an account, you wish to find MAB.
* The Minimum account balance shown on the right side.

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