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Cut your shopping bills with this idea

# Little Savings

Now all the money has been residing in the plastic cards, in the form of either Debit Cards or Credit Cards. Here is the major problem for this generation.

In those old ages, we used to spent the money by hand. If something costs much, we will be aware as we count it by hand, but for the present generations and advent of Digital India, we have no control on the money as it is a easy swipe and click for the cash flow.

One of the most common places where we are not aware that we are spending too much, is the super markets and multiplexes. Lets assume, we go to a super market for buying  groceries; we pull the big trolley and try to fill up with all the things, we see on the robes. Until you receive the message to your mobile, we are not aware how much we spent.

I have two ideas which will be help to spend less while going for a shopping.

First, have your phone with calculator, sum-up the cost of the items you buy while you picking each item. Finally, you will be aware, how much you are going to spend on the shopping.

Second, this is one I mostly follow. Once I complete the shopping, I will recheck my basket, which items are not necessary/compulsory for now. I will remove it and go for billing. As I followed this before I am having my phone, I used to do it and remove the unnecessary items before billing

Hope these two ideas will help to cut your shopping bills and save the few perks.

Have a good shopping by Little Savings!!