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One Month, One Habit

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On my common routine, I have been searching for the video in TED for the day to watch. I encountered a title named "Try Something new for the next 30 days"....I watched till the end of the video. It was like One Month, One New Habit.

I liked the concept and started the new habit every month.

It was Oct 2015 and here was the list of new habits I tried for the next 6 months.. I learned more new things in those 6 months, which also helped to increase my skill set.

Oct :
Automation Tool
"Unakenna venum sollu song" guitar strumming

Read Book on QA
New Art
Soap Box Re-usable item

Photography with new technique(mirror image)

Jan 2016:
Gajal writing
Learn New York Song on guitar

Silhoutte Art

Oru Mani Adithal Guitar Song
One Magic Trick

Learn Tamil Words

Courtesy - The idea was inspired and followed from the TED. 

So, start your 30 days challenge on new things in your life and find the difference.

Note: In the year 2016, I have published almost 26 posts in my Short Stories blog, which is half equal to my total posts till I have written.

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  1. Good One Nag. Really inpiring ! - Praneeth

    1. Thank You Praneeth... Thought to share to everyone, which I have followed and following.


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