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Have a pen and paper under your pillow

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The mind shuts down all the work at around 3-4 AM and starts generating ideas from 4 AM. This kalam is known as Brahma Kalam. This is the time where normal human should woke up.
I know it is not possible to the present life style. But we could get something useful ideas that mind generates at this time and note down it somewhere.

I keep a pen and paper under my pillow or sometimes my mobile(in aeroplane mode) to scribble the ideas generated from mind.

This is how it goes....

Usually my woke up time would be around 5.30 AM. I will let my mind flow with the ideas by igniting the mind with a problem, where I am looking for a solution.

In general, the mind gives ideas/solutions at this time, but if you are first time knowing this fact, make up your mind to get use of giving ideas by igniting with the problems/questions.
A mind generates usually 5-6 ideas for me at this hour. I will make a note all of them with numbering and once I woke up, I will note down in a paper.

Additional tip - It is not like mind will generate ideas in the mornings. The mind gives ideas now and then, but they were not counted or written down some where.
So, they become wasted. With the use of mobile, now anyone can note down. Identifying and noting down them should be practiced an you will see the difference how many you have missed these many days.