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Word Press - Free Domain for the first year

# Little Savings

I have started my website by taking a premium plan with the word press. In my three months journey, I explored the working of different domain selling websites and hosting sites.

I would like to give some knowledge to my readers the pros and cons of the different providers of websites creation.

Firstly, I would like the write about my website hosting provider. 

Word press doesn't require and separate hosting, as it is taking care everything. It is like creating the pages and posts on your site and word press works on the CMS(Content Management System). You can easily upload the photos/videos etc., And the subscription costs are 4200 per year for the maintaining the website(which is almost equal to other competitors) and you will have a free domain name for the first year.

But there is a con on other side, the domains will be little costly on word press. I see a difference of 100-200 rupees higher than the other competitors.

Website with Word Press

In the next post, I will tell you where to find the cheap domains.