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What is the best and free theme in Word Press?

# Little Savings

Initially, I have created my blog with the "Independent Publisher 2", where the pages will be plain and clear and readable content for the readers.

But it have been missing something, where I couldn't achieve few things I need. Later I tried for the "Radcliffe 2".

Pros and Cons for the Independent Publisher 2:

* Plain text with clear background
* Useful for the beginners
* Unable to post the important information.

Pros and Cons for the Radcliffe 2:

* We have all the items as like in Independent Publisher.
* But I like "Featured Prompt" option.
* And Add Testimonials.

Featured Prompt:
This will help to post the ads and important information on the first page(home page) to the users.
Visit this site for example "".

I am using this for the promotions.

You can find it from Customize option in word press.

I haven't tried this. But this will helpful for the high traffic sites, where testimonials can be posted on your site.


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