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Save few bucks before paying your Credit Card bill

# Little Savings

We often pay the credit card bills, but here is a way saving few bucks before paying your credit card. 

I have my credit card, where bill generated on start of the second week and need to pay it by 20 days grace period (This is the reason the credit cards are best, apply here for standard chartered credit card), where exactly falls on the end of the month. 

Being an employee, we don't expect the amount will left at the end of the month. In short, I have 2 problems,
  • I need to keep my money till the end of the month.
  • And should not spend it.
Then I got an idea, to keep the money safely in an FD account. This solves my two problems.

On the first day of the month(my salary credit date), I will put 5000 rupees into FD for a period of 27 days, which gaining me a 12 rupees per month too. My monthly expenses on the HDFC credit card will be more or less 5000 rupees. 

These in turn helps me, the remaining amount after paying the credit card bill become a savior at the end of the month.