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If you have short term goals for idle money, invest in Debt/Liquid funds

# Little Savings

This is my first post for the Investments. One of the best thing after starting this blog is "I am learning more about savings and becoming aware of my mistakes".

Usually, I never keep my money keep idle. I used to make Fixed Deposits with the idle money or move the idle money to the highest paid interest rates. But two mobile apps gave me insights on the Debt/Liquid Funds.

Freecharge - I think Freecharge is the first mobile app came up Mutual Funds option. I invested an amount of 500 rupees for 2 months and it gave me a returns of 50 rupees.

ET Money - Times of India recently came up with an app ET Money for investing in mutual funds. I prefer this app than freecharge, where it has more scope in investing in different mutual funds.

Download app here.

When I compare both the apps, I came to know both the apps are investing in the Reliance Liquid Funds.

And another best thing is, I can withdrawal the amount at any time. May be that is the reason they call it as Liquid Funds.

About Liquid Funds

Liquid funds falls into to type of Debt funds. The money gathered into liquid funds will be allocated to put into Govt. Security Bonds, Treasury bills. So, comparatively it is risk free than all other funds. And it will earn an interest from 7-10% , which is larger than normal Fixed Deposits(4% to 7% for shorter duration).

So, If you are a not aware about the stock markets and a first time investor, invest in any liquid funds by using the ET Money app in small amounts. I see there is no risk to give a try.