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Save half of your SMS charges for SCB


Little Savings - SMS Alerts
When I gone through the terms and conditions of the standard chartered bank, I came to know about the SMS charges levying on the transactions.

The fact is simple, if you do less than 5 transactions in a month, you are charged with INR 2.5 + GST(0.45) for SMS charges. 

On above of it, bank will charge you INR 5 + GST(0.90). With my salary account(standard chartered bank), I seldom do 6-7 transactions per month. So, if I am able to manage to cut 2-3 transactions, I can save myself half of amount from the SMS charges.

Little Savings - SCB SMS alerts

Anyway, to save from min balance penalty of HDFC account, I transferred the whole funds from standard chartered bank to HDFC, where I am already disabled Instalerts. So, I pay minimal charges for the SMS as there are minimal transactions or funds in my SCB account.

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