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Don't set the Standing Instructions for the bill payments.

# Little Savings

Standing Instructions, we all at some point of time, pay the bills to the merchants at outlets(PoS) or through online. There are monthly bills, where we need to login and transfer the funds. Eg., Electricity Bill, Mobile Recharge. 

It will be very helpful, if you have sufficient funds in your account on the standing instructions given date. Else, you need to pay heavy charges. 

This is happened with me, where the bank charged more than the bill I need to pay. I setup a standing instruction for the Electricity Bill, where the bill was generated around 140 rupees. But unfortunately, I didn't maintain the funds in the linked savings account. I was double charged.
  1. I missed the paying the electricity bill, where there was a power cut in my office for the late payment.
  2. Bank charged me around 200 rupees for the Standing Instruction failure.
So, beware of the fact that if you are the setting the standing instructions, there will be a charge if it fails. 

HDFC Standing Instruction Charges:

SBI Standing Instruction Charges: 

I didn't setup any standing instruction there after. More over, I will have better insights now by remembering the bill dates and where my money flows.