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Do you know, You should spend more than 100-150 amount to acquire rewards?

# Little Savings

I have two credit cards, one is HDFC Moneyback Card and Other one is IRCTC SBI card. On a fine day, I did a comparison of my two credit cards to find the best one for rewards.

I have gone through the Terms and Conditions of my Credit Card, I found a note that
"Only retail purchases qualify for Reward Points. Cash advance, fees and other charges do not accrue any reward points. Transaction amounts less than Rs. 150 will not accrue any Reward Points."
Rewards is one of the good option from Credit Cards, and HDFC is my best Credit Card for the rewards. I use my credit card even for little buys too. 

But after realizing that you will get rewards points only on min spent of INR 150, I carefully using it, where I need to spent more than 150 rupees. 

Beware that, you could lose your rewards if have not spent more than the minimum amount based on your card.

General Information:

HDFC Money back Card - 2 Rewards points per INR 150

SBI IRCTC Credit Card - Get 1 Reward point for every Rs. 125 spent on non-fuel retail purchases, including railway ticket purchases at