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Save little money by stopping HDFC Instalerts

LittleSavings HDFC Instalerts
Over the past few years, those who don't have a bank account even in the 20th century, people opened bank accounts and at the same time, people also closed bank accounts who are having more than one account as unable to maintain Min. Balance. 

But the fact is that people have more than one unused accounts are paying perks to the banks unknowingly. 

The following are the different charges levy on the customers for the unused bank accounts.
a. SMS InstaAlerts 
b. Min Balance Maintenance 

SMS InstaAlerts:

Banks usually charge INR 10 to INR 25 quarterly for the SMS alerts. Click here for HDFC InstaAlerts fee charges.

I am not using the HDFC account for most of my transactions as my salary account has changed now. 

With Tax, HDFC is charging me around INR 17 quarterly. So I managed to not pay those perks without compromising the alerts. 

If you refer the note section of the HDFC Alerts link, there were no fees for the Email alerts and also Debit or Credit transactions are free of charge. So I changed everything to the Email now.

How to stop/deactivate the Instalerts for HDFC Bank Savings Account?

1. Login via Netbanking.
2. On the Top Right Corner, find the "Insta Alerts" option. 

3. Select your Savings account.
4. Set all the alerts to Email by using the Edit option.

LittleSavings - How to disable HDFC Instalerts

So, in this way, I have opted only for Email notifications and saved INR 70 yearly for one Savings Account.


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